The Conservative Alternative For American Senior Citizens


Socialized Medicine — The Orphan Of The New Deal

You have to give credit to American progressives for their tenacity. They play the long game, keeping their fingers on the pulse on the nation while patiently awaiting new opportunities to inflict their policies on the nation.

This is precisely what we are seeing today with the battle cry of “Medicare for All,” raised by people from progressive agitators like Bernie Sanders to some House Republicans. It is the latest bumper sticker policy that tax-and-spend liberals see as the answer to their century-old dream of socialized medicine. 

Most Americans know Medicare as the primary means by which seniors and the disabled can have access to quality health care. While that reflects its structure and current purpose, its origins are far less altruistic.


Weekly Commentary for September 16th, 2018

Results versus Resistance: Republicans versus Democrats. Trump versus the Swap. The liberals and the Washington Swamp Insiders just can’t deal with it. Things are working. Things are getting better! REALLY think about it.

Vote for Democrats: So there are several reasons to vote for Democrats this fall. All factual. All publicly backed up by leaders in the Democrat decide?!

You should vote for the Democrats if:
• You want amnesty for illegal immigrants regardless of their background
• You oppose securing our border by any means, including a wall
• You believe in amnesty cities where liberal can unilaterally ignore the rule of law
• You want higher taxes on EVERYONE, at least double still won’t pay for their plans
• You think ANTIFA and violent demonstrations are OK
• You want to impeach Donald Trump for political reasons rather than run against him
• You don’t like policies that stimulate the stock market to go up and savings to grow
• You don’t like record low unemployment and food stamp numbers