Vice President Gore Gets “Religion” on Social Security Trust Fund

Vice President Gore Gets “Religion” on Social Security Trust Fund

60 Plus Association Chairman, Jim Martin, stated that “Vice President Al Gore has suddenly gotten religion when it comes to the Social Security Trust Fund.” Mr. Gore’s pledge to ‘shore up and protect the Social Security and Medicare Trust Funds’ with a lock box clearly rings hollow.

Statement Of Jim Martin, President, 60 Plus Association On Importation Of Prescription Drugs

The 60 Plus Association is very concerned with recent amendments to the FY2001 Agriculture Appropriations bill that would allow pharmacies and wholesalers to purchase prescription drugs outside the United States and then import them into this country for sale.

Personalizing Social Security

At a fourth forum on Saving Social Security sponsored by the 60 Plus Association, Association President Jim Martin declared partial privatization of the retirement system “the wave of the future”, as Social Security turned 65 years old.