Saving Social Security With Personal Retirement Accounts: The Wave Of The Future

Saving Social Security With Personal Retirement Accounts: The Wave Of The Future

“This is an exciting time not only for seniors but just as importantly for our children and grandchildren for they will benefit in the future from a new and improved Social Security system that will result from these options offered today by the bipartisan Commission to Strengthen Social Security. President Bush tasked the Commission with the responsibility to see that current and near retirees’ benefits are preserved, while allowing young workers to take more control of their own financial destiny with personal retirement accounts (PRA’s),” said Jim Martin, President of the 60 Plus Association.

Time To End The Estate Tax

This year, a consensus emerged in favor of significant tax reform. Congress passed and the president signed into law a comprehensive tax cut bill that eliminates the estate tax in 2010. The only problem is the bill expires in 2011. Permanent repeal of the estate tax is still needed to produce a fairer and flatter tax system.

The Need To Act On Energy Security

James M. Inhofe says, “America’s chronic dependence on foreign oil is not only an economic concern, but an important national security issue as well. It not only affects citizens and businesses nationwide, but also has a direct impact on our ability to fight and win wars.”

60 Plus Association Endorses Bush’s Prescription Plan For Seniors

James L. Martin, President of the 60 Plus Association, hailed President George W. Bush’s prescription drug benefit proposal “as fulfilling a campaign promise that senior citizens will receive a benefit which will help them meet the high costs of prescription drugs.”

Roger Zion To Speak At Senate Energy Press Conference

“To get right to the point, to be brutally blunt — it’s time the Senate leadership quit demagoguing and come to grips with the energy legislation they have bottled up. Our economy depends in no minor way to the passage of an energy plan,” says 60 Plus Chairman, Roger Zion.