60 Plus Association Endorses House-Passed Prescription Drug Plan For Seniors

60 Plus Association Endorses House-Passed Prescription Drug Plan For Seniors

Jim Martin, President of the 60 Plus Association, endorsed Thursday’s House-passed prescription drug benefit plan, calling it “a benefit which will help seniors meet the high costs of health care.”

Pledge Decision “Outrageous”- Shows Need To Confirm Bush Judges

“The 2-1 decision by a panel of the U.S. Court of Appeals that the Pledge of Allegiance describing the United States as ‘one Nation, under God’ is unconstitutional and outrageous, and an insult to all Americans. This decision is a tragic example of two activist judges who rewrote the Constitution, ignoring our history, the stance of the Founding Fathers, and the clear will of Congress and the American people almost 50 years ago.”

‘When You Die, Uncle Sam, Not Even A Blood Relative, Is The First Claimant In Line For Your After-Tax Assets’

“We at the 60 Plus Association realize how heavy this tax burden is, especially for senior citizens as well as for their children and grandchildren in the working force.”60 Plus is especially working hard to lower the cost of government, notably by driving a stake in the heart of the cruelest, meanest, and most unnecessary of all taxes– the federal estate or ‘death’ tax.”

Statement Of James L. Martin, President, 60 Plus Association On ABC’s Special “Bitter Medicine”

I was appalled at the program on the pharmaceutical industry entitled ‘Bitter Medicine’ by Peter Jennings. Had it been factually correct, it would have been entitled ‘Better Medicine instead of ‘Bitter Medicine.’ Instead, Mr. Jennings presented a biased presentation that was inaccurate and dishonest. As the head of a national senior citizens organization of half a million members, seniors should be enraged at this presentation of an important health care issue.

AARP “Ambulance Chasers” In Full Force

AARP has joined the pharmaceutical litigation bandwagon purportedly “to help its 35 million members gain access to lower cost prescription drugs.” This is a commendable objective with which everyone agrees: Seniors should not have to decide between buying food and buying drugs their doctors prescribe, but the AARP’s proposed lawsuits obfuscate the basic fact the legislation designed to promote lower cost generic drugs is already working.

Reaction To Rejection Of Repeal Of The Death Tax Today In The Senate

In a town where con jobs are a daily occurrence, the biggest con job of all is the Democrats’ canard that repeal of the Death Tax is a ‘windfall for the wealthy.’ They say it is a ‘tax cut for the rich’ because it affects less than 2% of those who die. Then why is it that nearly 80% of the public favors repeal? It’s because the public cites the unfairness of a tax imposed solely on after-tax assets.”The biggest fable of all is that only about 3,000 super rich families get this tax break. The truth is that most of these set up trusts and foundations to protect their assets and who can blame them.