Seniors Embrace Legislation To Stimulate Economy

Seniors Embrace Legislation To Stimulate Economy

The 60 Plus Association heartily endorses the “Homeland Investment Act of 2003” for its intention to lower taxes on foreign profits earned by domestic companies abroad.

Alzheimer’s Respite Care…

The 60 Plus Association salutes the U.S. Administration on Aging (AoA) and Assistant Secretary on Aging Josefina G. Carbonell for support in findings released in a new book based on a study of respite care and Alzheimer’s disease.

Dividend Repeal Is Dividend Appeal, Pt. II

The 60 Plus Association strongly embraces the President’s reassertion of the need to end double taxation on dividends.

Social Security Double Dare

“If Republicans are smart (and the book is still open on this), they’ll do everything they can over the next two years to entice Democrats to attack the GOP’s Social Security reform ideas,” says Hugh C. Newton, a veteran Washington communications executive, and a political consultant to many conservative policy groups including the 60 Plus Association, a grassroots senior citizens’ lobby and BAMPAC, Black America’s Political Action Committee.

Get Rid Of Unfair Taxes On Seniors:

“In a city where con-jobs are a daily ritual, the mother of all con-jobs is that abolishing the Death Tax is, in the words of former President Clinton, ‘a windfall for the wealthy,’ or in the equally slick words of Senate Minority Leader Tom Daschle (D-SD), ‘we’re not in the business of bailing out billionaires.’

Seniors Honor Congressman Buyer With A Lawmaker Of The Month Award

Congressman Steve Buyer (R-IN) has earned a Lawmaker of the Month Award from the 60 Plus Association, a national senior citizens organization.

Over-Due Drilling In Anwr

Letter To The Editor In The Washington Times, April 2, 2003 By James L. Martin “With reference to your March 30th article “Bush to renew push for Alaskan oil in House”, let me say I believe one of the more critical tasks before the 108th Congress will be crafting acceptable legislation to allow for oil drilling in Alaska’s National Wildlife Refuge.