Pat Boone Joins The 60 Plus Association

Pat Boone Joins The 60 Plus Association

World renowned entertainer, Pat Boone, has been named National Spokesperson for the 60 Plus Association, a rapidly growing senior citizen lobby entering its 11th year.

Jim Martin’s Testimony Before The President’s Commission On The Postal Service

Good afternoon. My name is Jim Martin and I’m the President of the 60 Plus Association, a national, 10-year-old nonpartisan seniors group headquartered in Arlington, VA.

60 Plus is one of the fastest growing seniors groups in the country. 60 Plus can now call on support from nearly 4.5 million citizen lobbyists to mail letters to Congress. 60 Plus publishes a newsletter, SENIOR VOICE, and a SCORECARD, bestowing a GUARDIAN OF SENIORS’ RIGHTS award on lawmakers in both parties who vote “pro-senior.”

Invest In The USA Act Needs To Pass

Last week, the “Invest in the USA Act” endorsed by the 60 Plus Association passed the Senate by a 3-1 margin. This measure would amend the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 to encourage the investment of foreign earnings within the United States for productive business investments and job creation.

Seniors — Especially Low-Income Seniors — Hurt

Jim Martin addresses Congress in Cannon House Office Building stating, “Seniors on fixed incomes are hurt every time the tax-and-spend crowd in Congress goes for — in the words of film and TV personality, Damon Wayans — “mo’ money, mo’ money, mo’ money.”

Patriotic Reflections On Memorial Day

James L. Martin, President of the 60 Plus Association, celebrates Memorial Day: “This coming Monday, we’ll celebrate Memorial Day for the 32nd time since it was officially made a federal holiday in 1971.

Considering what we celebrate when we mark this event, it goes without saying that no one year is ever more important than another. For each time we commemorate those who gave their all in support of this great country and what we hold dear, we remember a lot of sadness and pain. Every year’s celebration is a hurt; freedom’s toll is a heavy burden.”

Adulterated Pharmaceuticals Pose Huge Risks

Recent radio, TV and newspaper accounts only lend credibility to what the 60 Plus Association has been saying for more than two years now: drugs that enter the United States from outside our borders and without the strict regulation of our Food and Drug Administration cannot be trusted.

Dems’ Filibuster Of Estrada Is Obstruction Of The First Order

Today, May 9th, marks the two-year anniversary of President Bush’s nomination of Miguel A. Estrada to fill a vacancy on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia. Two years ago, the 60 Plus Association said ‘Bravo!’ when that nomination was first announced.

Letter To Congressman Thomas On The Tax Reduction Bill

Letter to Hon. William M. Thomas, United States House of Representatives regarding Tax Cut Working Group and A Coalition For Lower Taxes And Limited Government

Pro-Tax-Cut Leadership Lauded By Seniors

The 60 Plus Association had seniors fanning-out across Capitol Hill for visits with their elected officials in support of President Bush’s remarks at a U.S. Chamber of Commerce briefing this morning in their Hall of Flags, across the street from the White House. The President spoke passionately for his jobs and growth tax relief package, declaring the need for “robust tax relief.”

Medicare Reform’s Foolhardy Foes

Washington Times, May 1, 2003 article by James L. Martin “Enemies of Medicare modernization are just as adept at psychological warfare as the U.S. military — maybe even more so, since they have more actual field experience.

If there was some good reason, beyond nostalgia, for preventing reform of the creaking health-care system for America’s seniors, their behavior might be understandable. But Medicare is a financial catastrophe and human tragedy in the making. And blocking reform is a sure guarantee that today’s worst-case scenario will become tomorrow’s worst-case reality.”