Nursing Shortage Could Kill You!

Nursing Shortage Could Kill You!

According to the American Hospital Association, 126,000 nursing jobs are vacant at American hospitals right now.

A Funding Father

Many conservatives today listen, learn, and heed the advice articulated by the radio talk show icon. But before Rush, conservatives for nearly 40 years looked to Richard Viguerie, the funding father of the conservative movement, for the “right word” on policy and politics. Before Limbaugh, it was Viguerie whose mail was delivered over hill and dale, through rain, sleet, and snow, to conservative donors and activists, prodding them to take action.

Seniors Support Houses Of Worship Free Speech Restoration Act

The 60 Plus Association supports U.S. Representative Walter Jones (R-NC) and his bill, HR 235, calling for first amendment rights to be recognized and upheld whenever houses of worship elect to weigh-in on moral and political issues of the day.