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Remarks At The Politics Of Pain Management Briefing, U.S. House Of Representatives

As President of a national seniors organization that calls on 5 million seniors for support, I have increasingly become more aware of the silent crisis many of America’s seniors face — the so-called “invisible” disease of chronic pain. Seniors are among one of the largest segments of the population that suffer from chronic pain and inadequate treatment of that pain. As our age rises, so do the number of aches and pains.” says 60 Plus’ President, Jim Martin.

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Promises Made…Promises Kept

Seniors Hail President Bush And Congress Medicare Bill Signed Into Law by 60 Plus Association President Jim Martin “The day has arrived…finally…a history-making modernization of Medicare with its long-awaited prescription drug benefit for seniors. President Bush made a campaign promise to deliver a prescription drug benefit for seniors. He kept his promise with today’s bill signing at Constitution Hall.”

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