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PR Maven Succumbs To Bone Marrow Cancer

60 Plus President, Jim Martin said, “Hugh Newton was one of the finest persons I’ve had the privilege to work with. He was one of the few media men everyone respected, no matter their political persuasion, and speaking for myself, the single best PR ‘flack’ I believe Washington DC has ever known.”

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Seniors Head Laments House Committee On Natural Resources' Approval Of H.R. 2337

“On behalf of senior citizens I am proud to represent from every state in the country, I want to express my dismay over Wednesday’s vote by Congressman Nick Rahall’s (D-WV) committee that I believe will diminish many of the good features of the 2005 Energy Policy Act and will, in my opinion, lead to energy shortages and make life more difficult for seniors on fixed incomes,” said 60 Plus President, Jim Martin.

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