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Urge the Southern Nevada Health District to approve adequate trauma care

As an organization that advocates for free-market solutions to senior issues, we believe our health care system serves seniors best when the free market is allowed to work — increasing choice and access that drive down costs. Trauma care is no different. Increasing local access to trauma care for those in life and death situations…

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CURB Lifeline Act Puts Cutting Waste and Lower Cell Phone Fees on Speed Dial for Taxpayers

(Alexandria, Virginia) — The non-partisan 60 Plus Association today released the following statement in support of H.R. 4884, titled “Controlling the Unchecked and Reckless Ballooning of Lifeline Act of 2016” or the “CURB Lifeline Act of 2016”. Sponsored by Georgia Rep. Austin Scott (R), the legislation caps the Federal Communication Commission’s (FCC) Lifeline program at…

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60 Plus Op-ed: Angry Rural Voters Deserve Better Policies From Washington

There is an antidote for what currently ails small-town America, but government officials continue to resist Published April 8, 2016 in For months now pundits have offered various arguments as to why the current presidential cycle is so tilted on its axis.  Speculation has abounded to explain both the rise and staying power of…

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