60 Plus Association Applauds Opposition to PBM Merger

(Alexandria, VA) – The 60 Plus Association today sent a letter of gratitude to Members of Congress, many of whom who have contacted the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) with concerns over the proposed merger between pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs) Express Scripts, Inc. and Medco Health Solutions. The organization made it clear “it appreciates these legislators interceding on behalf of their 7.1 million supporters to defend patient choice, pharmacy access and health care affordability over the anti-competitive merger proposal being reviewed by the FTC.

“We applaud your pragmatic leadership on this issue and continued caring and support for the welfare of our nation’s seniors,” says the letter from 60 Plus Chairman Jim Martin. 60 Plus “makes clear its opposition to the merger which will only mean higher prescription prices, fewer choices in pharmacy care, and lower-quality prescription services than are currently available. We cannot afford this anti-competitive, anti-consumer and anti-senior action.

“Further, 60 Plus fears an unfair market advantage resulting from the merger would negatively impact the Medicare Part D program, which relies on competition to keep prescription prices low. Express Scripts and Medco each administer prescription benefits for such senior plans.”

The letter thanks the legislators for recognizing “the dangers for seniors, competition, and our nation’s health care system inherent in this merger.”


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