60 Plus Chairman Blasts “Fake” AARP Study

60 Plus Chairman Blasts “Fake” AARP Study
Martin Decries “Obamacare Cronies” Protecting Their Profits

ALEXANDRIA, VIRGINIA (September 22, 2017) – 60-Plus Founder and Chairman James Martin Friday issued the following statement in response to efforts by AARP to derail the Graham-Cassidy bill to partially repeal the Affordable Care Act.

“For anyone who has ever wondered where fake news comes from, look no further than AARP and their fake study on health care for seniors under the Graham-Cassidy bill to repeal Obamacare.

“AARP is part of the cronyism that is embedded in Obamacare so when Congress stands poised to act on behalf of the American people by repealing this health care monstrosity, AARP gins up a fake study for use as a scare tactic against seniors.

“Obamacare has allowed AARP to reap millions of dollars in profits so when something comes along to threaten their profits, they manufacture a fake study filled with nothing more than innuendo, guesses, and false premises of what ‘could’ or ‘may’ happen. These are the weasel words of a con artist draped in columns of numbers to create the fake patina of legitimacy.

“I suggest that AARP release a study explaining how their profits will be hurt by health care reform that helps the American people. At least that would be factual. People should be suspicious when a supposedly non-profit group makes millions of dollars on the backs of seniors and AARP’s latest scare tactics speak volumes in exposing the greed of this group of Obamacare cronies.”

Read about AARP’s profit motive here in The Federalist.