60 Plus Chairman Praises Curtis Bostic

(Alexandria, VA) – Jim Martin, Chairman and Founder of the 60 Plus Association, today issued a strongly worded endorsement of Curtis Bostic, running against former Governor Mark Sanford, to represent South Carolina’s First District in the U. S. House of Representatives.

Martin’s statement follows an earlier endorsement by the 60 Plus Association’s national spokesman, legendary entertainer and conservative activist Pat Boone.

Himself a former U.S. Marine, Martin said of Bostic: “Once a Marine, always a Marine,” Martin noted, emphasizing the Marine Corps motto, ‘Semper Fidelis,’ Latin for ‘Always Faithful.’ “As a former Marine Curtis Bostic lives up to that time-honored commitment. ‘Semper Fidelis,’ ‘Always Faithful.’ It isn’t ‘Sometimes Faithful.’ It isn’t ‘Only Faithful’ when it suits your personal lifestyle. It isn’t negotiable. As all those know who served in our Armed Forces, no matter which branch, you must remain faithful to your mission, to lead by example. Never ever desert your post.

To the more than 50,000 Palmetto State supporters of the 60 Plus Association, and well over than 12,000 in the First District, if Curtis Bostic is honored by the voters on Tuesday, April 2nd, they can always count on him not abandoning them. Curtis Bostic will make the voters proud.”