60 Plus Urges State Lawmakers to Oppose Trial Lawyers

Many receiving funds from Trial Lawyer PAC

(Atlanta, Georgia) – On behalf of our 96,000 seniors across Georgia, as well as 7 million nationally, 60 Plus Association is calling on conservative state lawmakers to oppose the liberal policy goals of the Trial Lawyers and refuse their contributions.

“We are very concerned that the Trial Lawyers and their allies are trying to hijack the conservative policy agenda of the State Legislature through thousands of dollars of contributions to members, including the House Republican Caucus,” said Amy Noone Frederick, President of 60 Plus Association, who recently sent a letter to GOP legislators expressing her organization’s concerns.

Founded in 1992, the 60 Plus Association is a non-partisan seniors advocacy group with a free enterprise, less government, less taxes approach to seniors issues.

The Civil Justice PAC , the political arm of the Georgia Trial Association, have contributed thousands of dollars to Republican House members during the past two years.  The Trial Lawyers are a primary funder of liberal candidates and the Democratic Party.

60 Plus Association is urging conservatives to reject future contributions and sign a pledge for the constituents making clear their opposition to the policy goals of the Trial Lawyers.

“The people of Georgia need to know where their representatives stand on important issues.  Do they stand with our senior citizens or liberal architects of Obamacare?  Do they stand with small businesses or with those who are driving them into bankruptcy?

“The Trial Lawyers promote liberal causes and frivolous lawsuits that help line their pockets but are bad for seniors, bad for business, bad for jobs, and bad for our society,” Frederick emphasized in a press statement.

After accumulating and reviewing the pledges, Frederick said 60 Plus plans on publicizing the results to Peach State voters.