60 Plus Chairman Denounces Senate Democrats’ Rejection of Debt Limit Solution

(Washington, DC) – In spite of the will of 2/3 of America’s citizens (CNN poll 7/21/11) supporting CUTTING the national debt, CAPPING the deficit that is now the largest since World War II, and BALANCING the U.S. budget, the Senate today voted along party lines (51-46) to table the Cut Cap and Balance Act of 2011.

By a majority of just 4 votes, Senate Democrats used procedural moves to block the momentum of support growing nationwide for this common-sense solution to our national fiscal crisis–without offering a plan of their own.

“Shame on you, Harry Reid, for blocking the only real solution on the table. Seniors on fixed incomes suffer the most, thanks to Reid’s intransigence and bullheadedness” reprimanded 60 Plus Association Chairman Jim Martin – head of the leading national conservative seniors advocacy group.


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