90 Percent of Floridians Support Legislative Action to Allow More Trauma Centers

(Alexandria, Virginia) –  The 60 Plus Association conducted a survey of Florida voters and found that an overwhelming majority would support legislation to allow hospitals in the state to be designated as trauma centers by meeting the national American College of Surgeons’ standards.

The poll of more than 800 Floridians demonstrates that this issue has deep support regardless of partisanship – with Democrats, Republicans and Independents all in support of quick access to trauma centers in Florida.  Additionally, 93 percent of these individuals are concerned about the lack of trauma centers within Florida and feel it is “very important” to have a trauma center in the area in which he or she lives.

With over 800,000 senior citizen activists in the state of Florida, The 60 Plus Association is concerned about access to trauma care and believes senior citizens, as well as all residents of Florida, would benefit from quick access to high quality trauma care.

60 Plus Association chairman and founder Jim Martin agrees with the citizens polled and hopes the Florida State Legislature will listen to its citizens’ plea for increased access to trauma care.

“Florida is home to more than 19.3 million citizens with 4.2 million of whom are senior citizens.   According to the Department of Health, trauma volumes have been increasing steadily over the last 5 years.  Unfortunately, only 50 percent of trauma victims in the state are treated in a trauma center.  This number is alarming, because we know chances of survival increase by 25 percent when trauma victims are treated in trauma centers.

“It is clear by our survey that the vast majority of Floridians is concerned about the lack of adequate access to trauma care and overwhelmingly supports access to trauma facilities in their communities. The Florida state legislature should act decisively and support HB 817 or SB 966 that encourages access to life-saving trauma care.