AARP Doesn’t Speak for Me!

AARP is once again claiming they speak for all seniors, but we know that couldn’t be further from the truth. Yet, at this very moment, the Kentucky legislature is considering several bills in Frankfort that can have a positive impact on seniors — and the AARP is putting their special interest muscle in opposing this good legislation.

It’s time for Kentucky seniors who disagree with the AARP agenda to collectively speak out, and 60 Plus is happy to facilitate this effort.  Sign the petition below to add your voice to the chorus.

AARP Does Not Speak for Me Petition

As a Kentucky senior who supports the best possible future for our Commonwealth, AARP does not represent me. For too long, AARP has pushed their own agenda in Frankfort claiming it to be the position of all Kentucky seniors.  This is not the case and it is time for the rest of Kentucky’s seniors to have their voice heard loud and clear.

AARP has been busy during the 2013 Session of the Kentucky General Assembly opposing common-sense legislation that would promote a better future for Kentucky. Their tireless opposition of measures that would support economic growth, increase job creation and promote small business development has done nothing to benefit seniors. AARP is currently opposing three common sense bills in Frankfort:

1. Legislation to update Kentucky’s telecommunication laws so that more Kentuckians, including seniors, have access to wireless broadband;

2. Legislation that would curb meritless lawsuits filed against nursing homes so that taxpayer funds will go to providing care for seniors and not fighting lengthy litigation battles; and

3. Legislation that would fix Kentucky’s ailing state worker pension system and protect the future of our Commonwealth for our children and grandchildren.

AARP claims to speak for Kentucky seniors but their position on these major legislative issues is not one I share.  While AARP is entitled to their liberal, profit driven message, they certainly do not represent me.

I, the undersigned, do not support the AARP and its mission to advance its own agenda at the expense of Kentucky seniors.

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