American Health Care Act Threatens Seniors’ Medical Care

60-Plus Association Chairman and Founder James Martin Calls on
GOP to Keep Promises on Medicare Funding

ALEXANDRIA, Virginia (March 16, 2017) – The effort to repeal and replace Obamacare is long overdue, and we are genuinely pleased that our free-market allies are rallying to get rid of this monstrosity.

However, the American Health Care Act (AHCA) fails to restore $700 billion taken from Medicare to pay for Obamacare. As an organization dedicated to enhancing the security and quality of life for America’s seniors, we cannot support the AHCA in its current form and urge lawmakers to go back to the drawing board and draft a health care plan that supports seniors and their health care needs.

The Board of Directors of the 60-Plus Association carefully considered this decision but it is impossible for us to endorse this legislation unless and until congressional Republicans abide by their pledge to America’s seniors and restore these critical Medicare cuts.

The 60-Plus Association represents nearly 7,000,000 seniors, many of whom are in low-income households and who will be left behind by the AHCA as written. We believe millions of seniors will be harmed by this legislation not only by adversely impacting their access to care but also by hurting healthcare providers, particularly those serving seniors in rural areas.

We take this position reluctantly and want very much to work with the House leadership to fulfill their promise to restore Medicare funding and promote market-driven solutions to health care that lower costs for all Americans. By restoring Medicare funding, Congress can ensure that hospitals and other healthcare providers can continue offering access and medical care to seniors.