American Valor

Lt. Col. Alexander Jefferson (USA, Ret.), is a veteran of the Tuskegee Airmen, whose exploits in the European Theater during World War II are the stuff of legend. A combat pilot and one of last surviving aviators from the original Tuskegee Airmen, he was part of the most decorated squadron during the war.  It was my honor to shake the hand of this 94-year-old hero at the American Veterans Center salute to “American Valor” honorees in the Nation’s Capital on October28, 2017.

Lt. Col. Richard Cole (USA, Ret), served with Doolittle’s Tokyo Raiders and was Jimmy Doolittle’s co-pilot, surviving one of the riskiest aviation experiments of World War II. At 102 years of age, Cole is rightly proud of the valor demonstrated during the famous bombing mission in 1942 which  provided a much needed morale boost to America and her allies following Japan’s attack on Pearl Harbor.

Few men have seen the cataclysms of both Pearl Harbor and the Battle of Midway. Jack Holder is one of those rare sailors who did. Now 97 years old, he served with distinction at Midway, which proved to be a turning point for the United States in the Pacific Theater.

American Valor is a televised salute to these and other heroes from 75 years ago. The program will air on Veterans Day weekend on ABC stations nationwide, and can be seen on cable/satellite on the REELZ Channel. The show will also be available to our fighting men and women around the globe via the Armed Forces Network.

Permit me to also offer my personal thanks to American Veterans Center President Jim Roberts, a Navy veteran and friend of more than 40 years; and to his wife Patty.

Jim Martin, Founder and Chairman of 60 Plus Association 

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