Martin Represents Seniors At Three Recent Rose Garden Events

Jim Martin, President of 60 Plus, was an invited guest at three major White House events in the past week, all held in the Rose Garden and all featuring talks by President Bush.

On Friday, October 4, the President made some remarks on the economy following a meeting with his economic policy team, and on Monday, October 7, Martin was in the audience on behalf of 60 Plus as the President announced the creation of a new Homeland Security Office and Governor Tom Ridge was sworn in as the Director.

On behalf of the 500,000 supporters of 60 Plus, Martin strongly endorsed the new Homeland Security Office and the effort by the President to stimulate the American economy by cutting taxes.

In a third area, Martin endorsed efforts to pass anti-terrorism legislation saying, “We are at war. We have gone beyond espionage. We have had a censorship board in the past during a national crisis. When we discuss civil liberties, and all Americans are concerned about limiting our precious civil liberties, we must remember how more than 6000 people in New York, Pennsylvania and at the Pentagon lost their civil liberties and take steps that balance national security and civil liberties. Congress can and must do that and soon.”

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