D For Demagogue Instead Of Democrat

Daschle Does Disservice To Seniors

Washington, D.C.– The head of a national senior citizens group today declared that to equate the $1.3 trillion tax cut with the economic downturn is “ingenious at best, and dishonest at worst.”

60 Plus Association President Jim Martin issued a statement in response to a speech by Majority Leader Tom Daschle (D-SD) on the state of the economy. Martin, head of the nine year old seniors group charged that Daschle was “doing a disservice to seniors. For Mr. Daschle to imply that this tax cut imperils Social Security and Medicare is once again demagoguery at its worst, scaring seniors for political gain.

First of all, the $1.3 trillion tax cut is already stimulating the sluggish economy. Second of all, left unsaid by Senator Tom Daschle, is the irrefutable fact that the surplus totaled more than $3 billion, far more than the $1.3 trillion given back to over burdened taxpayers, leaving better than $1.7 trillion to help finance the war effort and increased domestic spending.

So stop sucker-punching seniors. Their Social Security and their Medicare is not jeopardized at all and Senator Daschle knows this. Social Security and Medicare will always be there for seniors. These shameful scare tactics are an outrage and should be stopped.


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