Special Action Alert From The 60 Plus Association And CARE

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Urge Your Representative To Pass Energy Legislation

Special Action Alert from the 60 PLUS ASSOCIATION and CARE!
Dear 60 Plus Association Advocate:

Key members of the U.S. House and Senate are faced with an issue of critical importance to the Nation — passing national energy legislation. In order for America to ensure both national and economic security, affordable and reliable and supplies of energy must be available to businesses and individual consumers. Unless Congress acts now by adopting an effective national energy strategy, our economy, our jobs, and our way of life could be jeopardized.

We need an energy plan that promotes energy conservation and efficiency, provides for greater use of all domestic energy resources, maintains fuel diversity, develops advanced energy technologies, and improves the country’s energy infrastructure. For example, the legislation must provide for incentives to develop advanced technologies that make the use of our abundant energy supplies cleaner and less polluting, but it must not impose government mandates that make energy use more expensive. The legislation must address the threat of global climate change by removing yet unanswered scientific uncertainties and developing breakthrough technologies, but it must not force climate change actions that damage our national economy.

The CARE and the Coalition for Affordable and Reliable Energy (CARE) ask you to contact your Senators and Representative and strongly urge them to pass national comprehensive energy legislation. It’s very important that you contact them NOW!

You can contact them by telephone by calling 1-877-488-2544. This is a toll-free energy hotline that we have established to connect you directly to your Senators’ and Representative’s offices. Or, if you prefer to write, you can click on the link below and our easy-to-use form will print a pre-drafted letter. You can then send it by fax, mail, or e-mail.

We need your help! Nothing gets the attention of our elected officials more than contact from their constituents.

Call 1-877-488-2544 or Click here to Get Started!

Thank You!

Please share this Action Alert with your friends, coworkers and associates so that they, too, can have their voices heard on the pressing need for Congress to pass comprehensive energy legislation.

The 60 Plus Association is a proud member of CARE
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