Cheney Speech To US Chamber Of Commerce…

Right-On-Target For New Year

Washington DC — In his January 9th remarks to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, V.P. Richard B. Cheney cited the President’s call for permanent — and immediate — tax relief for all Americans. Of note to the 60 Plus Association were the Vice President’s remarks for ending the Death Tax, once and for all.

The Vice President also reaffirmed the Administration’s initiative to do away with double taxation of dividends. Jim Martin, President of the 60 Plus Association, said, “Ever increasing numbers of seniors depend upon their dividend checks as an important source of retirement income. The Vice President is right in calling for Congress to address this issue immediately and — like the Death Tax — repeal this burden permanently to assist senior citizens everywhere in order that they may lead a more secure life.

Martin concluded, “The Vice President made clear the priorities of the Bush Administration for winning the war on terror and protecting the homeland of the United States. An important feature of that is a secure and stable economy and therefore both the President and Vice President are right when they call for business leaders everywhere to help implement early tax relief and similar pro-growth initiatives. These are sound fiscal policies and on behalf of the 60 Plus Association, I call upon our friends in Congress to implement sensible regulation.

“I applaud this administration for their steady hand and courageous decisions for lowering the tax burdens on 10 million senior citizens. It’s great to have seniors-friendly leaders’ in the White House.”