Seniors Honor Congressman Johnson

With A Lawmaker Of The Month Award

Washington, D. C. — Congressman Sam Johnson (R-TX) has earned a Lawmaker of the Month Award from the 60 Plus Association, a national senior citizens organization.

60 Plus, a 10-year-old nonpartisan group, honors Democrats and Republicans alike for their pro-senior initiatives. 60 Plus designated Representative Johnson as a recipient of the award for the month of March.

60 Plus President Jim Martin said in a statement accompanying the award: “Congressman Johnson has been someone who senior citizens can count on. Seniors have no finer friend than Congressman Johnson. He has been a leader on so many senior citizen initiatives time and time again:

(1) Supporting a prescription drug benefit for senior citizens;

(2) Voting to kill the death tax which hurts small business and farmers;

(3) Lead sponsor of H.R. 434 to repeal the 1993 tax increase on Social Security benefits;

(4) Supporting efforts to eliminate earnings limit imposed on seniors between the ages 65-69;

(5) Supporting long term care insurance tax incentive.

“Congressman Johnson deserves this ‘Lawmaker of the Month’ recognition. Seniors can count on Sam Johnson. He is a true leader for senior rights, authoring legislation on Medicare Private Contracting, as a Medicare MSA advocate, as a leader of retiree healthcare initiatives and a strong proponent of the President’s proposal to eliminate taxes on dividends that many seniors depend upon for their retirement incomes,” Martin concluded.

Congressman Johnson has been a previous recipient of both the “Guardian of Senior Rights” Award for his pro-senior votes and also the “Benjamin Franklin” Award, which is given to those who champion the abolition of the death tax, which hurts small businesses.


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