Pro-Tax-Cut Leadership Lauded By Seniors

President “Dead-On” With Call For Tax Relief Package

A Statement By James Martin, President Of The 60 Plus Association

Washington, DC — The 60 Plus Association had seniors fanning-out across Capitol Hill for visits with their elected officials in support of President Bush’s remarks at a U.S. Chamber of Commerce briefing this morning in their Hall of Flags, across the street from the White House. The President spoke passionately for his jobs and growth tax relief package, declaring the need for “robust tax relief.”

“Seniors want their Senators and Representatives to know they endorse this Administration’s bold efforts to lift the economy and create a post-Iraq war boom for all Americans,” 60 Plus Association President Jim Martin said in reaction to the President’s speech.

Martin continued, “this President knows that dividend tax relief is essential as is accelerating his 2001 tax cuts for individuals and families and reducing every income tax rate, increasing the child credit and elimination of the so-called ‘marriage penalty.’ He saw — as we all saw — what happened in 2001 when he introduced a $1.3 trillion dollar/10 year tax cut that immediately boosted the sagging economy he inherited the year before, softening the recession as he first took office. This should come as no surprise.”

History is crystal clear when it comes to tax cuts and returning money back into the hands of those who earned the dollars in the first place. Tax cuts always work. Tax cuts juice a flagging economy. As President Kennedy said when launching his own tax cut initiatives, ‘a rising tide lifts all boats.’

“The 60 Plus Association lauds the President for his leadership — and applauds our seniors’ who spent their time today carrying the President’s message to their elected officials on Capitol Hill.”