Pat Boone Joins The 60 Plus Association

For Immediate Release On Or After May 30, 2003

Arlington, VA- World renowned entertainer, Pat Boone, has been named National Spokesperson for the 60 Plus Association, a rapidly growing senior citizen lobby entering its 11th year.

Jim Martin, President of 60 Plus said in making the announcement, “Pat Boone has been a long-time supporter of 60 Plus and is truly an entertainment legend — movie star, gold-record recording artist, best selling author, Broadway headliner and television star.

“As National Spokesperson, Mr. Boone will play an active and important role in accomplishing our top goals; immediate repeal of the death tax, saving Social Security with a new and improved system for ‘young folks,’ and reforming Medicare by providing senior citizens with prescription drug coverage.”

From his Los Angeles office Mr. Boone said: “I’m extremely excited to be working with the 60 Plus Association, an Association which I have contributed to on a financial level for many years. First and foremost 60 Plus is dedicated to repealing the Federal estate tax, more properly known as the death tax, and the death tax is one that really hurts. This affects every one of us -we work hard our whole life, pay taxes on what we earn and then when we have the bad judgment to die, the government taxes what we have left! Working with Jim Martin and 60 Plus gives me a great opportunity to help millions of senior citizens have their voices heard in Washington on this, and many other pertinent issues.”

The international celebrity grew up in Nashville, Tennessee, attended college in Texas and graduated Magna Cum Laude from Columbia University in New York. He had hoped to teach high school but another career intervened, a career that has brought him world acclaim. Martin calls Boone “a self-effacing, God-fearing man. He and his wife, Shirley raised four daughters and have 15 grandchildren as they approach their 50th wedding anniversary.”

Boone is the #10 rock recording artist of all time, (recently back on the BILLBOARD charts with his album “American Glory” and the single “Under God”). He is a spokesperson for the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews; helped found the American Basketball Association, and owned the Oakland Oaks team; he has helped, and continues to help, numerous charitable programs including the March of Dimes, the National Association of the Blind, and the National Easter Seals telethon (as entertainment chairman and host for 17 years).

Martin noted that the 60 Plus Association’s Honorary Chairman and Co-Chairman, former Reps. Roger Zion (R-IN-1967-75) and Beau Boulter (R-TX-1985-89) have both campaigned with Boone. Zion hosted Pat and his family at a luncheon in Evansville. Boone campaigned for Boulter in Amarillo; “I remember we raised a good sum of money by auctioning off a pair of Pat’s trademark white Bucks,” Boulter recalled.


Hugh Newton and Ed Fulginiti