Stupid Is As Stupid Does

Yes To Schip Authorization, No To Schip Expansion

Statement By Jim Martin

“As a newspaper reporter covering Congress in 1964 and as a four-pack-a day (non-filtered) smoker, I witnessed Congress, in its infinite wisdom, ban TV/Print advertising of tobacco and mandate printed warning labels on cigarette packs.

Nearly 45 years later, in its most outrageous attempt to fuel big government on the backs of smokers, Congress, “for the children” proposes a 156% increase in “sin” taxes on tobacco, 61 cents per pack, to provide health insurance for “kids”, raising from 200% of poverty to 400%, reaching into middle class homes with up to $83,000 income.

The result? Those with private insurance will cancel it. Why? Because the government (Congress) will now be providing it free of charge. What a deal!

The only fly in the ointment? A study by the Heritage Foundation concludes there aren’t enough available smokers to extract this new tax.

To meet its nutty goal, I’ve lived to see the day Congress will have to lift the TV/Print ban on smoking and instead entice some 20 million (or more) Americans to take up the habit in order to collect the tax revenues to finance this scheme. How stupid can Congress be?

Seniors say YES to SCHIP Authorization, NO to SCHIP Expansion. And while I defend the tobacco folks’ right to market and sell their products, 60 Plus is not beholden to them on this hot button issue.

For the sake of seniors, hopefully the President will veto this public relations gesture “for the kids” by Congress.”