Seniors’ Chief Chastises Congressional Inaction

Trustees Report Over Crisis With Social Security And Medicare

Statement By Jim Martin

Arlington, VA – “They’re embezzlers and should be locked up. Congress continues to con seniors by stealing money from their Social Security Trust Fund and spending it on non-senior’s programs.”

“If this occurred in private industry, its perpetrators would go to prison.

“Bottom line: If Congress kept its cotton-picking hands off the Trust Funds, there would be no ‘crisis looming’ for Social Security.

“President George W. Bush is the first President with the guts to tackle Social Security reform. Instead of acknowledging the financial crisis and working with him, the ‘other’ seniors group, the AARP, scared the living daylights out of seniors by falsely accusing the President of wanting to ‘dismantle’ the program. Adding insult to injury, AARP spent $20 to $25 million of our tax dollars in full page ads and TV spots warning that buying stocks was a ‘risky scheme.’ But in their magazine, AARP hawks stocks. The risk, I guess, is if you don’t buy stocks from their commissioned suppliers. This is one of the reasons that for years I’ve been referring to them as the Association Against Retired Persons. A total sham to treat seniors with these scare tactics.

“Congress should be ashamed of itself, robbing from Peter to pay Paul, not working to solve the looming crisis. Where I’m from (eastern Kentucky) people get shot for less.”


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