Massive Medicare Cuts Await Elderly Says New Ad From Seniors’ Group

ALEXANDRIA, VA – The 60 Plus Association, a 17-year-old nonpartisan senior citizens advocacy group often referred to as the “conservative alternative to the AARP” today released a TV ad warning the elderly that the healthcare proposal touted by the Obama Administration “means massive Medicare cuts in order to pay for healthcare ‘reform’.” See the at

“This strikes at the heart of the debate over the value of our seniors’ lives versus the cost of expensive treatments they need to stay healthy or get better,” said Jim Martin, President of 60 Plus.

Entitled “Sacrifice,” the ad states that seniors today, The Greatest Generation, have spent their lives sacrificing to protect freedom and strengthen our nation. From landing at Normandy, to raising strong families and building successful businesses, these men and women have remained dedicated to their country. Now, in seniors’ most vulnerable stage of life, President Obama and Congress are asking them to sacrifice even more by cutting Medicare to pay for healthcare reform, meaning long waits for care and even possible denial of care.

But perhaps the scariest part, the ad says, is that the government, not your doctor, decides if older patients are worth the cost. And the cruel joke is that many politicians are designing a health care plan for the country that they themselves are exempted from.

“Tell Congress don’t pay for healthcare reform on the backs of our seniors. They’ve sacrificed enough,” ends the ad.

The ad started today on national cable.

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