Promises Made, Promises Kept: Candidate Obama Promised. Will President Obama Deliver?

Statement By 60 Plus Association President Jim Martin

Alexandria, VA — Regarding health care, candidate Barack Obama repeatedly said any overhaul of healthcare should be negotiated publicly and televised for all to see. In his stump speech he would say it should be televised with a big table and seats filled with doctors, nurses, insurers, and other interested parties. Then he would joke, as President, he would get the biggest chair. Not behind closed doors, candidate Obama said, but he would bring all parties together and broadcast those negotiations on CSPAN.

Did that happen? You be the judge.

Following the secret drug deal with the big pharmaceutical companies announced on a Saturday afternoon, the PhRMA spokesman said that “the average person does not understand our business.” How true! (This was before PhRMA announced a $150 million dollar campaign ad promoting Obama-care). Then Vice President Biden announced a $115 billion “savings,” Washington double speak for cuts, in Medicare reimbursements with a group of doctors standing by him who declined to take questions. Can you conjure the image of our loquacious Vice President standing quietly next to a group that declined to take questions?

Real transparency. Only in Washington, D.C.!


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