Sad Day For Seniors

Sadder Day For Senators

Alexandria, VA – The Senate Finance Committee’s reporting out of a health care reform bill is certainly a sad day, even a frightening day for seniors, but it’s an even sadder day for Senators.

Called the world’s greatest deliberative body, their August recess exposed a certain number of so-called lawmakers for what they are, a bunch of prima donnas hiding behind staff while they, the ‘lawmakers’ preen before the TV cameras.

To the shock of the public, it was shown that lawmakers 1)apparently didn’t write the bills (staff did), 2)didn’t read them, and 3)didn’t understand them.

One veteran lawmaker, a Democrat (I won’t embarrass him by naming him) said, ‘it would take at least two days to read and two lawyers to understand the bills.’ (He’s a lawyer himself).

Did they learn their lesson upon returning to the safe and comforting confines of their plush Capitol Hill offices? Nope. They continued to meet behind closed doors hammering out a ‘health care reform’ bill.

You listen, you learn, then you lead. During the recess they listened, but apparently they didn’t learn so they’re leading themselves down a primrose path of delusion.

Candidate Obama had it right. He listened and he learned. As a candidate he said he would have health care reform sessions televised with the participants seated around a big table. He joked that as President he would of course have the biggest chair. He also said that as President when a bill is sent to his desk it will be posted for five days on the internet for the public to read.

Unfortunately, as President, he has kept neither of these promises. A proposal to put a bill on the internet for just three days has been rejected by the Democrats. What are they hiding?

I’ve got some bad news for Congress and the White House. Seniors are scared, actually terrified, at the half trillion dollars in cuts to Medicare which will lead to long lines and conceivably even worse results. A senior citizen tsunami is headed at gale force toward Capitol Hill and unless it subsides, there’s a whole bunch of politicians that will be looking for a new job the day after elections in 2010.


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