60 Plus Announces New Campaign To Protect Seniors Medicare

$2.0 Million Ad Buy Targeting AK, AR, CT, LA, ME, NE, ND and SD

ALEXANDRIA, VA — The 60 Plus Association today announced a new advertising campaign targeting Senators in eight states — Alaska, Arkansas, Connecticut, Louisiana, Maine, Nebraska, North Dakota, and South Dakota. The $2.0 million ad buy, which celebrates our greatest generation, asks seniors to call their Senator and demand they fight the massive cuts to Medicare the current health care reform legislation before the Senate would bring. See the ads at www.60plus.org 

“Even with Halloween around the corner, President Obama shouldn’t be scaring seniors with the threat of Washington bureaucrats refusing care or making health care decisions instead of your doctor,” said Jim Martin, President of 60 Plus. “The members of our greatest generation have worked hard to provide for those that followed. They deserve to have the promises made to them kept.

“Entitled “Greatest Generation” the 60 second ad highlights seniors in their own words telling how they have spent their lives sacrificing to protect freedom and strengthen our nation. From landing at Normandy, to raising strong families and building successful businesses, these men and women have remained dedicated to their country. Now, in seniors’ most vulnerable state of life, President Obama and Congress are asking them to sacrifice even more by cutting Medicare to pay for healthcare reform.

“America’s seniors have sacrificed enough. Don’t pay for healthcare reform on the backs of our seniors,” ends the ad.

“We’re asking these Senators to stop the charade and declare they will protect seniors by refusing to vote for any health care reform legislation which cuts Medicare,” continued Martin.

The ad began running today.

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