Cuccinelli Cares About Liberty, Hudson A Hero For Freedom

(Alexandria, VA) – 60 Plus Association Chairman Jim Martin made the following statement today regarding the 4th Circuit decision striking down the provision of Obama’s healthcare legislation that mandates that Americans carry a minimum level of healthcare coverage, the central and most controversial component of the plan.

“This is a great day for the rule of law and traditional notions of individual liberty as our Founders envisioned.  This legislation has always been tremendously unpopular with the American people, who don’t want the federal government taking control of America’s healthcare, picking their doctor, rationing medicine, and chasing the best doctors out of the profession.

“From the very start, this legislation was forced down our throats by an arrogant and elite liberal ruling class in Washington who couldn’t care less about what policies work best or what the people truly want.

“Seniors especially have reason to celebrate, as they had the most to lose under this pernicious and anti-senior citizen legislation.  The Judge Hudson’s ruling that Obamacare violated the commerce clause is sound and has been obvious to many since the legislation was first introduced.  Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli is a true hero of freedom for taking on the Obama Administration and defeating them in a court of law.

“Let us hope that when this case reaches the Supreme Court, they employ the same thoughtful and sober judgment of Judge Hudson, and finally rid American’s of this disastrous and painful blueprint for disaster.