Death Tax Terry Scaring Virginia Seniors and Family Businesses

Jim Martin: While states across our nation are dropping the Death Tax in order to create jobs and protect seniors, Terry McAuliffe actually wants to take Virginia backwards.

(Alexandria, Virginia) — Democrat Terry McAuliffe’s journey down the road to the Virginia Governor’s mansion hit a major roadblock this week when voters were reminded that the onerous and unpopular Death Tax is among the many taxes he has supported raising.  The Democrat hopeful  voiced opposition in 2009 to then Governor Tim Kaine’s repeal of Virginia’s Death tax, a position which undermines his current campaign overtures to make Virginia more business friendly.

Said 60 Plus Chairman Jim Martin, leader of the nation’s largest conservative seniors organization and acknowledged alternative to the liberal AARP, “Bringing back the Death Tax to Virginia is the surest way to guarantee that jobs and family assets take a one-way ticket out of the Commonwealth.  The Death Tax is a proven jobs killer, and an opportunity killer.  Thousands of Virginia family farms and small businesses will suffer and pay the price for Mr. McAuliffe’s supposed business acumen.

“And since when do multi-millionaires — dare I say billionaires — know best about the hard earned assets of small businesses, family farms and ranches?  These self-described and self-appointed guardians of others’ assets don’t pay the tax that they smugly claim others should pay as their ‘fair share.’  Supporting the Death Tax may be a required position for acceptance into the fraternity of liberal elites, but it is a lousy economic policy.

“Any candidate that wants to revive the Death Tax has the Grim Reaper as a running mate.  The Death Tax is exceptionally unpopular with Americans across all lines of age, race, and income levels; well over 70% oppose it.  The Grim Reaper makes a fitting companion for McAuliffe not just for the policy he represents, but the ultimate outcome of his campaign.

“As Democrat Governor Tim Kaine knew, the Death Tax is the most offensive and un-American tax ever created.  Death should never be a taxable event, but not in the eyes of Terry McAuliffe!  I am standing up for my fellow Virginians today to demand Terry McAuliffe answer this question: Will you DENOUNCE your past support of the Death Tax?  Your very campaign could be riding on the answer to that question.”