Democrats Blackmail America

Wuhan Chinese Pandemic:  Be smart.  Pay attention to the advice health care professionals are giving.  Be diligent about your habits. Do your part to help. This is serious and should be taken seriously.

It’s a problem.  It was not Trump’s fault.  The haters just have to get over it and pitch in to help make this better.  Let’s learn from this and be a better country for it.

It isn’t and shouldn’t be political.  

It’s a pandemic.  The world was NOT ready for this.  We need to ALL do our part. Follow the advice, keep your distance, touch less, clean everything and say a little prayer, it can’t hurt!

Congressional Blackmail:  Read about the pork.  The Democrats refused to pass a clean Coronavirus bill to help the American people.  They blackmailed the President and Republican members of Congress to get some of their pet left wing progressive policy pork funded.

The Republicans had no choice but to cave in order to get much needed help to the American people.

Read the articles.  Pay attention to the billions of horrible pork the Democrats forced on you, the taxpayer in order to get help for our fellow citizens.  See the policy changes they forced on our country for their own political benefit.

Republicans tried to stop the Democrats and pass a clean bill.  But the liberal mainstream media jumped in to support the Democrats and blame Republicans for any hold up and because the help was so badly needed nationwide, Republicans were forced to cave.

Pay attention to whom you vote for.  Have the discussion with your neighbors.  The left wing progressive Democrats controlling Congress and the Democrats are bad news for America.

-Saul Anuzis

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Weekly News Video Summary:

An Op-Ed from the 60 Association Chairman James Martin States: The moment to end surprise billing: Coronavirus has exposed a problem that’s a scourge on American health care

Imagine returning home from China at the height of the coronavirus outbreak, only to face a bone-chilling reality: You’re beginning to fall ill. 

No, We Wouldn’t Be Better Off Fighting Coronavirus If We Had Medicare For All

Government-run health care may provide universal coverage, but that’s an empty promise for those hospitals turn away. 

Former Rep Hopes Coronavirus Fallout Convinces US To Distrust Chinese Tech, Build Up Its Own 5G

Supporters of fifth-generation mobile service say they hope China’s lack of transparency on the coronavirus crisis will scare U.S. officials into recognizing that Chinese technology is a threat to U.S. national security.

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Dr. Birx: Coronavirus Data Doesn’t Match The Doomsday Media Predictions

White House coronavirus task force member Dr. Deborah Birx warned the public not to panic when they hear about models and projections of the pandemic’s spread.

“Models are models,” she said. “When people start talking about 20% of a population getting infected, it’s very scary, but we don’t have data that matches that based on our experience.”

She said the media should not “make the implication that when they need a hospital bed it’s not going to be there, or a ventilator, it’s not going to be there, we don’t have evidence of that.”

“It’s our job collectively to assure the American people,” she also said. “There is no model right now — no reality on the ground where we can see that 60% to 70% of Americans are going to get infected in the next eight to 12 weeks. I want to be clear about that.”

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The Bizarre, Partisan Attacks on Dr. Deborah Birx

On Wednesday, they were upset that President Trump called her “Deborah” after calling her male counterpart “Dr. Fauci.” By Thursday, they started turning on her because she decided to use some of her screen time at the daily Coronavirus task force briefing — which, astoundingly, many of them want partially censored — to caution against hysteria based on worst-case-scenario modeling and projections. In case you missed it, this is what raised hackles and generated misplaced rage:

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WHEN did coronavirus begin in the US? And why it matters

The entire political focus of yesterday’s news cycle was the legislative imbroglio between Republicans and Democrats over the coronavirus rescue package. Republicans believe we should presuppose and even continue encouraging an indefinite shutdown while spending trillions to treat it. Democrats believe the same thing and also want to add all their other extraneous progressive policies too. But nobody is asking: Do we really need to intensify the shutdown before we understand the data and projections of the actual virus itself?

Given that the virus was discovered in Wuhan on November 17 (at the latest), when did coronavirus really begin in this country? Roughly how many cases do we think occurred before we began testing during the first week in March, and how many fatalities occurred? How many of the presumed flu deaths, and particularly the presumed pneumonia deaths during what was thought of as a bad flu season, were really due to coronavirus?

These are not mere academic questions. They should determine our public policy response. Knowing when the virus began and what we think occurred in January and February (and perhaps even December) will help determine not only how severe this virus is, but how far along we are into the epidemic. If we really had hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of cases, along with several thousand more fatalities prior to testing, that would mean that the mortality rate is even lower than the 1.2% post-testing average so far. It would also mean we are farther along in the epidemic and that many have already been exposed to it, thereby making a categorical and nationwide lockdown counterintuitive at this point.

What led our government and the governments of many other countries into panic was a single Imperial College of U.K. study, funded by global warming activists, that predicted 2.2 million deaths if we didn’t lock down the country. In addition, the reported 8-9% death rate in Italy scared us into thinking there was some other mutation of this virus that they got, which might have come here. Together with the fact that we were finally testing and had the ability to actually report new cases, we thought we were headed for a death spiral. But again, as my colleague Steve Deace pointed out, we can’t flatten a curve if we don’t know when the curve started.

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The doctor who helped defeat smallpox explains what’s coming

We can beat the novel coronavirus—but first, we need lots more testing.

Larry Brilliant says he doesn’t have a crystal ball. But 14 years ago, Brilliant, the epidemiologist 

who helped eradicate smallpox, spoke to a TED audience and described what the next pandemic would look like. At the time, it sounded almost too horrible to take seriously. “A billion people would get sick,” he said. “As many as 165 million people would die. There would be a global recession and depression, and the cost to our economy of $1 to $3 trillion would be far worse for everyone than merely 100 million people dying, because so many more people would lose their jobs and their health care benefits, that the consequences are almost unthinkable.”

Now the unthinkable is here, and Brilliant, the Chairman of the board of Ending Pandemics, is sharing expertise with those on the front lines. We are a long way from 100 million deaths due to the novel coronavirus, but it has turned our world upside down. Brilliant is trying not to say “I told you so” too often. But he did tell us so, not only in talks and writings, but as the senior technical advisor for the pandemic horror film Contagion, now a top streaming selection for the homebound. Besides working with the World Health Organization in the effort to end smallpox, Brilliant, who is now 75, has fought flu, polio, and blindness; once led Google’s nonprofit wing,; co-founded the conferencing system the Well; and has traveled with the Grateful Dead.

We talked by phone on Tuesday. At the time, President Donald Trump’s response to the crisis had started to change from “no worries at all” to finally taking more significant steps to stem the pandemic. Brilliant lives in one of the six Bay Area counties where residents were ordered to shelter in place. When we began the conversation, he’d just gotten off the phone with someone he described as high government official, who asked Brilliant “How the fuck did we get here?” I wanted to hear how we’ll get out of here. The conversation has been edited and condensed.

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Don’t Make Trump Worse

Right now, even his worst critics have an interest in seeing him do a good job.                                                                                                                                                                     

The president is not America. Our fortunes are not his fortunes. He is not, as Chris Rock once said of President Obama, “the dad of the country.” If we happen to be of an opposing political faction, the president’s misfortunes may fill us with glee, or his triumphs may cause us anguish. If you hate the president, by all means do everything you can to bruise him. Rejoice in his every misstep. Luxuriate in his errors. Pounce on his gaffes. Make his life a living hell.

But not now.

No one expects the mainstream media to be even-handed anymore. We don’t even expect the media to be professional. That ship has sailed. We get it: You loathe Trump and will put the worst possible spin on everything he says and does until he’s out of office. (At which point you’ll do the same for whoever the new highest-ranking Republican is.) But, for a limited time, is it too much to ask that the media broaden their scope to include the country and the world instead of just their own Ahabian obsessions about Trump? As far as I know, every member of the Washington press corps, even Jim Acosta, is a resident of Planet Earth. Why are they all acting as if they’re looking down from the Nebulon-235 system and not subject to everything that is happening?

For better or worse, during this uncertain flight on a wobbly plane through this storm-wracked air, Captain Trump is at the controls. No amount of whining will make Hillary Clinton or Joe Biden president in the next few months. So can we just call timeout from Silly Season, please?

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Abolish the World Health Organization

Way back on January 10, the official Twitter account of the World Health Organization declared that ‘WHO does not recommend any specific health measures for travelers to and from Wuhan, #China.’ The tweet went on to say that ‘It is generally considered that entry screening offers little benefit, while requiring considerable resources.’ A follow-up tweet described how ‘WHO advises against the application of any travel or trade restrictions on #China based on the information currently available.’

What we’ve learned since is that China was by then already engaged in a massive cover-up of the release and spread of the virus. It imprisoned doctors (one of whom would later die from contracting COVID-19) who attempted to warn the World Health Organization and the world.

On January 14, the same Twitter account blasted out that ‘Preliminary investigations conducted by the Chinese authorities have found no clear evidence of human-to-human transmission of the novel #coronavirus (2019-nCoV) identified in #Wuhan, #China.’

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