Democrats – Protests vs Riots

Today’s Democrats: Why do today’s Democrats empower these crazy rioters, looters and self proclaimed Marxists on the left? Do they really need to create such chaos in our streets in order to try and win an election?

Come November, voters will punish a Democratic Party that refuses to condemn rioters who believe violence is the answer.

Enough is enough…this is NOT your parent’s Democratic party.

Protests vs Riots: “Right to Peaceably Assemble” is granted. “Right to Vandalize, Destroy Public & Private Property, Assault, Injure, Kill, Inflict Fear, Public Nuisance & Hide – These & Other Criminal Behaviors Under Cover of Angry Mobs” is not.

Obamagate: The weaponization of both domestic and foreign intelligence against a presidential campaign from a sitting administration solely for political purposes to prevent the smooth transition of power and weaken his presidency to limit his legislative successes.

That’s what Obamagate is all about…they spied, they lied and tried to cover it up.

This should NEVER happen to ANY American…there should be bipartisan outrage!!!

-Saul Anuzis

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Links to the articles discussed in the video:

Godfather is setting rules for radicals

Saul Alinsky isn’t the one setting the rules for the radicals controlling the streets of some of America’s largest cities. It’s Don Vito Corleone. 

Alinski, the late revolutionary whose “Rules for Radicals” inspired a generation of activists, some of who’ve reached the pinnacle of power, advocated a step-by-step erosion of America’s values and institutions.

Corleone, Hollywood’s most famous mob boss, was less patient, sticking the bloody consequences of defying him right in the face of his targets.

The Godfather’s methods are preferred by today’s social justice mobs.

Witness the demands leveled by Black Lives Matter in Louisville, where ongoing and often violent demonstrations have effectively rendered unusable the city’s hip East Market District, or NuLu as it’s popularly known.

In a letter to the NuLu business community, the activists offered peace in exchange for a long list of demands to give African Americans a greater cut of the action in Louisville’s surging downtown.

The list calls for representation of African Americans equal to their piece of the city’s population — 23% — in district jobs, management positions, business ownership, nonprofit boards, etc. 

On paper, it’s a worthy goal. I was among those who early on called out the scarcity of Black participation in Detroit’s downtown comeback.

But as hard quotas, with harsh repercussions for not meeting them, they are nothing more than a shakedown. If the 23% target is missed, businesses will be required to make a donation equal to 1.5% of net sales to local Black organizations.

The other demands are straight out of Soviet and Chinese reindoctrination camps.

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Why the Rule of Law Is Vanishing in the Age of COVID-19

When the law becomes incomprehensible and inconsistent, people lose faith in both the law and government institutions that secure it.

When is a law a law? The question seems simple enough, but things get complicated pretty quickly. We have our Constitution, of course. But we also have federal, state, county, and local laws, and then there are numerous federal, state, and local regulations that various bodies enact to carry out laws.

There are so many laws in the United States that no one knows how many laws there are in the United States. According to tax publisher CCH Publications, the federal tax code alone is 73,000 pages long. That’s just the tax code enacted by just one level of government.

Think about that for a moment.

We are a far cry from where we started. In 1776, Tom Paine captured the American mind, asserting, “…in America the law is king. For as in absolute governments the King is law, so in free countries the law ought to be king; and there ought to be no other.”

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‘Law and order’: Trump counts on riots, looting to help him win in suburbs

President Trump has leaned into a “law and order” campaign amid clashes in the streets from Portland, Oregon, to the nation’s capital, making the case that out-of-control looting, rioting and death will become the norm in Joseph R. Biden’s America.

Though polling shows Mr. Trump struggling to keep pace with Mr. Biden in the suburbs, the main target of the message, the president’s team and his backers say the clashes and violent imagery will ultimately boost him as Election Day nears.

The president on Friday vowed that federal officers will respond to the ongoing unrest in Portland with “very strong offensive force” if needed.

The Department of Homeland Security and the city recently struck a tentative deal, under which DHS agents that had been deployed to protect a federal courthouse from rioters would gradually leave if local law enforcement can keep the peace.

“If it doesn’t clean up, we’re going to do something very powerful. We have no choice,” Mr. Trump said at a White House event with law enforcement leaders from around the country. “The left-wing extremists have spread mayhem throughout the streets of different cities.”

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27% With Guns in the House Bought One in Last Six Months

Support for more gun control is down from last year’s all-time high, and one-in-four voters with guns in their household have added one in the past six months.

A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone and online survey finds that 52% of Likely U.S. Voters believe the United States needs stricter gun control laws, but that’s down from a record 64% a year ago following mass shootings in Texas and Ohio. Forty-two percent (42%) oppose additional gun control. (To see survey question wording, click below.)

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What the NY AG’s Lawsuit is Really About

“This was a baseless, premeditated attack on our organization and the Second Amendment freedoms it fights to defend. You could have set your watch by it: The investigation was going to reach its crescendo as we move into the 2020 election cycle. It’s a transparent attempt to score political points and attack the leading voice in opposition to the leftist agenda. As evidenced by the lawsuit filed by the NRA today against the New York attorney general, we not only will not shrink from this fight—we will confront it and prevail.” –NRA President Carolyn Meadows

To feel deep in your American spirit what this New York State attorney general’s political move to disband the National Rifle Association is all about, do this: Imagine a rogue district attorney (DA) targeting you with outrageous, politically motivated charges. Picture this DA calling a news conference with the mainstream media. Now see this public official, who should know better, on the steps of a government building in front of the cameras, unjustly, unfairly and with partisan opportunism on their breath and in their power-hungry eyes, accusing you of fake charges, charges designed to shut you up, to harm your reputation and to cost you everything.

To fight back, even though you are right, you know you’ll need to spend a fortune on attorneys and to navigate a mainstream media bias that is mostly prejudiced against you and all you stand for. 

As you struggle in this fight for justice, because you must, you know they really aren’t trying to win a legal argument. They are trying to drain your resources and attempting to stall and distract you at a critical time. 

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The Left’s ‘Trump Won’t Split’ Riff

Come November, voters will punish a Democratic Party that refuses to condemn rioters who believe violence is the answer.

The Left projects more than a drive-in movie theater. The latest case in point is the febrile effort to stoke the “Trump won’t split” riff.

The Hill on Monday offered a prime example of this regressive riff, this time emanating from MSNBC columnist Mike Barnicle during an appearance on “Morning Joe.” Fraught with intimations of a prospective civil war, Barnicle’s analysis proffered both an electoral dilemma and his solution for it:

One thing we all learned in the year 2000 is that Republicans are good at fixing the way we count ballots in the country. Now, with this furor over mail-in votes, we could be sitting down for Thanksgiving dinner not really knowing specifically who the president-elect of the United States is. So we all have to pray that there’s going to be a landslide for Joe Biden in order to avoid this conflict.

Of course, in 2000 it was the United States Supreme Court that ultimately resolved the Florida recount, which Democrats had hoped to drag out until they could somehow show Al Gore as the winner. But let us not quibble over the past, when it is Barnicle’s proposed solution that gives away the Left’s game.

The Left usually has a method to its madness—at least the Democratic establishment does. The “Trump won’t split” riff has been pushed to accomplish practical political objectives, all of which stem from one elemental problem.

For all the collusion media’s cheerleading and intensifying gaslighting, the Left has an enthusiasm gap. One of the few benefits of the intensity behind the Left’s Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS) is that it allows the Left finally to glean, albeit negatively, the ardor Trump’s base has for him. Yet despite all the TDS in its ranks, the Left also is acutely aware their nominee, former Vice President Joe Biden, has nothing like that ardor among his supporters—including regressives and the centrist voters his campaign is courting. Even a TDS-enthralled vegan would find it hard to get enthused about electing a turnip president. 

In consequence, the Democrats have a turnout problem. After all, polls mean squat if your voters don’t vote. Cue up the “Trump won’t split” riff.

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House Moves to Cripple ICE and the Border Patrol

The House Appropriations Committee recently released the draft Fiscal Year 2021 Homeland Security funding bill, which provides annual funding for the components of the Department of Homeland Security. It should come to no one’s surprise that the bill is being used as a political football by those who seek a borderless America and all the human misery that would come with it. 

The Democratic leadership in the House are changing their tactics. Instead of trying to abolish Immigration and Customs Enforcement and the Border Patrol, they have decided to starve them of money so they cannot succeed in their mission. They are making it impossible to keep the successes on the border made by the Trump administration. As part of the new threat from the left to defund law enforcement, they are taking pleasure in doing the same thing to the agencies in charge of immigration enforcement. 

House Appropriations Subcommittee on Homeland Security Chairwoman Lucille Roybal-Allard (D-CA) made the following statement when releasing their proposal: 

“With the nation facing threats ranging from the COVID-19 pandemic to terrorism and targeted violent extremism, our bill provides DHS with the funding it needs to protect American communities, including vital investments in disaster preparedness, secure seaports and borders, safety for air travelers, and cybersecurity. Our bill fights for a more humane immigration approach, including the more restricted use of civil detention, expanded alternatives to detention, and the phase-out of family detention this year. We also include new measures to keep the administration accountable and transparent – including a prohibition on diverting any new money for President Trump’s racist border wall boondoggle.” 

Wrong, this bill will make our border less secure and our communities less safe. That is a fact. 

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A Day Of Reckoning Is Coming With The National Debt

I‘m often asked about America’s biggest challenges.

On the world stage, communist China tops the list. Closer to home, the coronavirus pandemic is the most urgent issue. But there’s also a massive fiscal challenge that we face — a crisis we’ve overlooked for a long time and that’s gotten far worse in recent months. It’s the federal government’s spending addiction.

The national debt is closing in on $27 trillion. As it skyrockets, it hurts our country’s ability to deal with all the other challenges we face. The higher the debt, the harder it is to build a booming economy that creates more jobs and higher paychecks for working families. The higher the debt, the harder it is to stand up to America’s adversaries, from China to Russia to North Korea to Iran. The higher the debt, the harder it is to fulfill our promises, and pursue our dreams.

Every American should be seriously worried that the United States is spending far more than we can afford. If the federal government doesn’t stop the spending spree, America will soon find itself poorer, weaker, and smaller in every way.

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Elon Musk: ‘China Rocks,’ America Is Full of ‘Complacency and Entitlement’

Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk stated in a recent interview that people in the United States are “entitled” and “complacent” while Chinese citizens are “smart” and “hard-working people.”

CNBC reports that in a recent interview with Automotive News’ “Daily Drive” podcast, Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk complained of the “entitled” and “complacent” character of U.S. citizens while praising the “smart” and “hard-working” people of China. This is far from the first time that Musk has cozied up to communist China.

Musk criticized New York and California, states that have both gone to extreme lengths to support Musk’s businesses with tax breaks, regulatory credits, and regular government help. Breitbart News has reported extensively on the government subsidies that Musk and his companies have taken advantage of.

Jason Stein, the publisher of Automotive News who conducted the interview with Musk, asked him “How about China as an EV strategy leader in the world?” to which Musk replied: “China rocks in my opinion. The energy in China is great. People there – there’s like a lot of smart, hard-working people. And they’re really — they’re not entitled, they’re not complacent, whereas I see in the United States increasingly much more complacency and entitlement especially in places like the Bay Area, and L.A. and New York.”

Chinese government officials helped Tesla secure loans worth approximately $1.6 billion last year to construct Tesla’s Shanghai facility. Despite the Shanghai government helping Tesla to begin production again after the region was struck by a Wuhan coronavirus outbreak, Musk claims that the Chinese government is not as helpful to Tesla as it is to domestic companies.

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Protesters are suing Seattle – because the equipment used to riot is too expensive.

The same group of people that have been attacking the city of Seattle since May are now suing the police department seeking reimbursement for buying protective equipment, amongst other things. 

This group of people claim in their lawsuit that the Seattle Police Department is forcing them to buy the “expensive” equipment so they can peacefully protest.

The lawsuit was filed on August 3rd in the United States District Court in the Western District of Washington. 

The plaintiffs in the case, Jessica Benton, Shelby Bryant, Anne Cavanaugh, Alyssa Garrison, and Claire Thomas (all fresh out of their parents’ basement) are alleging that their civil rights have been violated. 

They claim that they are just trying to peacefully march and protest police brutality but the “omnipresent” Seattle Police Department is at each protest wielding “power and pain on the streets,” by illegally attacking them with chemical munitions and less lethal rounds. 

In their belief, only those who can afford to buy expensive protective equipment can protest, or really riot, and thus is the crux of the lawsuit. Except for their demands….

The lawsuit clearly spells out their demands, that this group of cowards, who mainly march while masked so their parents cannot be ashamed and it makes them getting arrested harder, that police department be defunded by 50%. 

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Young Black Americans not sold on Biden, the Democrats or voting

Most political analysts define “swing voters” as those who swing their support from one party to the other between election cycles – determining winners and losers in the process.

According to this conventional wisdom, the “swingiest” voters are working-class whites in the Midwest, who supposedly hold the keys to the White House.

Meanwhile, by contrast, pundits often portray Black Americans as an undifferentiated mass – loyal Democrat-supporting foot soldiers who will execute their mission for The Team on Tuesday as long as some preacher provides the right marching orders on Sunday.

If these depictions have not already expired, they are certainly growing stale. Having studied electoral trends for decades, we can tell you that those undecided voters of the past are an endangered species – in the Midwest and elsewhere. These days, the only choice that most Americans make – indeed, the choice that typically “swings” the election outcome — is whether to vote at all.

That brings us to the characterization of Black Americans as Democratic loyalists.

Our new survey of 1,215 African Americans in battleground states – Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Florida, North Carolina and Georgia – reveals that while those over 60 remain among the most reliable of Democratic voters, and those between 40-59 are still pretty locked in as well, those under 30 (whom we oversampled to comprise half of our sample) are anything but.

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Trump claims Biden ‘no longer worthy of the Black Vote’ in wake of diversity comment

President Trump on Friday said his presumptive Democratic challenger Joe Biden “is no longer worthy of the Black Vote,” after the former vice president made comments contrasting African American and Latino diversity.

“After yesterday’s statement, Sleepy Joe Biden is no longer worthy of the Black Vote!” Trump tweeted Friday morning.

Earlier Friday, Trump tweeted: “Sleepy Joe Biden just lost the Black Vote. This statement is a disaster from which there is no recovery!”

The president then deleted the tweet and replaced it with the new one.

In both tweets, the president was referring to Biden’s remarks during an interview that aired at the convention of the National Association of Black Journalists and National Association of Hispanic Journalists.

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How Long Can The Media Cover For Biden’s Racial Gaffes?

Joe Biden has stepped on another racial landmine. As the country is torn apart by ethnic strife, the former Vice President continues to frustrate his campaign and his loyal supporters in the corporate media by saying goofy things about black people that at least border on abject racism.

Thursday it was a statement, introduced by his classic, “Come on, man!” in which he suggested that unlike Latinos, black Americans do not have diversity of thought and ideas, with “notable exceptions.”

ut once again in the unenviable position of having to defend the Democratic nominee, CNN and MSNBC chose for the most part to ignore the troubling remarks. Others like the New York Times’ Jonathan Martin took a different approach, sidestepping the actual remarks to make a broader point about Biden’s propensity to gaffes.

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Ari Fleischer Explains Exactly Why Now Is Not the Time for States to Experiment With Mail-In Voting

Despite the MSM’s insistence that Republicans are making “unsubstantiated” claims about how mail-in voting opens the door to potential widespread voting problems including fraud, the claims most certainly have been substantiated, as my colleagues and I have previously documented with receipts.

Case in point: New York City’s chaotic June 23rd primaries, some of which have yet to be decided because of massive problems with mail-in ballots, including thousands that were either missing postmarks or that were postmarked after the primary.

On Monday, an Obama-appointed Manhattan judge ruled that some of those previously rejected ballots must be counted.

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