Despicable and False Liberal TV Ad Makes Light of Physical Abuse of the Elderly

Jim Martin: “Liberals seem to have a perverse pleasure portraying violence against seniors.”

(Alexandria, Virginia) – A new TV ad funded by a liberal PAC falsely attacking Congressman Allen West’s (R-FL) voting record drew the outrage of national seniors organization, the 60 Plus Association, and its 7.2 million senior activists.  The ad portrays West laughing while punching an elderly woman repeatedly in the face, before assaulting a younger woman and stealing money from a family.  The ad is paid for by the American Sunrise PAC, a group that, according to its website, supports “progressive” candidates and aims for “thoughtful” political discourse.

“This ad is reprehensible both for its factual distortions and its disturbing imagery showing a decorated war hero punching an elderly woman in the face,” said 60 Plus Chairman Jim Martin.

“The group funding this ad has no shame, and they happily mimic an extremely disturbing trend we’re seeing  in pro-Democrat ads that seem to find physical abuse of senior citizens amusing.  It is not amusing, it is disgusting and if they had an ounce of shame they would pull the ad immediately, and the Democrat leaders in Washington would tell them the same.”

“So far this campaign season we’ve seen seniors tossed off a cliff, and now brutally assaulted.  What’s next, shooting them out of a canon?  Feeding them to lions?  Garbage like this is leading seniors to be afraid of watching their own television.

“This ad repeats the discredited lie that Republicans voted to ‘end Medicare as we know it,’ a charge so off base that it earned the independent Politifact’s ‘Lie of the Year’ award.  The vote to ‘end Medicare as we know it’ came when Nancy Pelosi pushed through a half a trillion cut in Medicare, and it was principled leaders like Allen West who fought to right that wrong.

“Congressman West is the opposite of an abuser of the elderly, he is a hero to millions for his willingness to fight for our country as a decorated officer, and his principled leadership in Congress to preserve Medicare and Social Security, and put an end to the bankrupting of our nation.  No matter how many false and disgusting ads are run against him, Allen West will remain admired and respected by millions of America’s seniors.”