Frequently Asked Questions

When or will I receive a membership card?

Our benefits are all available digitally, or through phone if you prefer. We do offer the option to receive your 60Plus Prescription Card by mail, for free. (RX Card is for Gold or Patriot Members Only)


What is the difference between you and AMAC?

60 Plus is a non-profit organization that operates 100% based on voluntary contributions.  AMAC is a privately held organization that receives most of its revenues from selling insurance to its members and others.


I think I joined your organization but I’m not sure, and I don’t remember my username or password?

Click Account on the top menu and then select "Lost your password." If you forgot your username, please enter your email address under “username” and we will email you a temporary password to log back in. If you are still having issues please go to our contact form and we will get you logged back in as soon as possible!


Is there a minimum age for membership?

No. There are parents and grandparents who purchase a membership for their newborn children and grandchildren.  There is no age limitation as to who can become a member.


Does a lifetime membership include spouse?

Yes, a lifetime membership includes your spouse.


Regarding your benefits- when you say up to a percent discount, what does that mean?

A discount is provided by various vendors with multiple rates that change frequently. If you have a question on a specific discount, please use our contact form. We will be glad to clear things up for you.


Are you considering to offer supplemental health insurance?

60Plus is growing and we are constantly adding new products and services for our members. We are regularly looking for partners that can REALLY save our members money in the long run. We haven't found a good partner for health insurance yet.


When I call DirectTV for my discount they said they never heard of you. How do I get my discount?

From any page on our site, hover over "My Benefits" from the top menu and select the membership level you purchased. If you aren't logged in, you will be prompted to do so. From there, scroll down to Cable and Satellite Services, you can click to use the online portal or call the 800 number that is listed. Note: Cable and Satellite Discounts are for new Cable/TV Customers only, though we've heard many members use our benefits to negotiate prices on their current contracts.


I can’t seem to get a complete list of benefits from the website?

Please visit and to see a complete list of membership benefits.


Why haven’t I heard of you before?

The 60 Plus Association has been around for over 25 years and have been actively engaged in advocating for senior citizens and issues that affect American of every age.


I already have a 60Plus Membership, Can I upgrade to Gold for less than $48?

Yes. Membership upgrades are prorated at 60Plus. If your payment gateway isn't lowering the price automatically, please email us at We will be happy to process your upgrade.