Florida Senate Must Make Saving Lives a Priority and Pass Meaningful Trauma Legislation

(Alexandria, Virginia) – 60 Plus Association Chairman Jim Martin released this statement urging the Florida Senate to move swiftly to pass trauma legislation that will save lives.

“Now is the time for the Florida State Legislature to stand boldly for the citizens they represent and stand up against anti-competitive forces looking to pad their bottom line instead of providing quick access to quality trauma care. While the opponents argue that low volumes impact quality care, studies show the complete opposite – a wide range of volume in trauma centers can support high quality care.

“The purpose of Senate Bill 966 is to reduce the bureaucratic red tape involved in the trauma center verification process in Florida, which forces hospitals to wait for long periods of time—sometimes years—before they are verified and can serve patients in their area. 

“Currently, Floridians are underserved when it comes to trauma care.  Only 50 percent of trauma patients are treated in a trauma center, which is much lower than the state goal and national average of 65 percent. 

“Today, four Trauma Service Areas do not even have access to trauma care, so now is the time to act. Our recent survey demonstrates that Floridians want action with 90 percent supporting legislative action to allow more trauma centers.  It is our hope that Florida’s legislators listen to their constituents’ concerns by supporting meaningful trauma legislation that increases immediate access to high quality trauma care.”