Graham Resolution Reflects Liberal Danger to Democracy

House investigation ‘a farce permeated by the stench of tyranny’

ALEXANDRIA, Virginia (October 25, 2019– 60 Plus Association, and American Association of Senior Citizens Founder and Chairman James Martin today issued the following statement regarding Sen. Lindsey Graham’s Senate Resolution concerning the investigation of President Trump by the House of Representatives:

“Senator Graham is to be commended for his eloquent and succinct argument in support of fairness and the rule of law as the House continues its investigation of the president. But more importantly, it is a reflection of how Democrats have taken our nation to a very dangerous place. 

“The Senate should not have to entertain a formal resolution to ensure a president who is possibly facing impeachment receives due process and fair treatment. The House should not have to be scolded by the Senate into following historical precedent and the simple norms of common decency.  Senator Graham’s resolution shows how the Socialist wing of Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s party has undermined American democracy.

“The proceedings in the House are reminiscent of the Stalinist tactics of the old Soviet Union: Show me the man and I’ll show you the crime. This is what Democrats are doing to President Trump. It is a dangerous precedent and the American people will not tolerate this corruption of the Constitution.

“What is happening in the House of Representatives is not an impeachment proceeding. It is a farce permeated by the stench of tyranny. Speaker Pelosi should heed the words of Senator Graham’s resolution and restore democracy to the House.”

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