Softball Players Association

Columbus, Ohio August 6 – 9, 2018

It’s never too late to win a world championship

(August 13, 2018)  60 Plus Association Chairman Jim Martin,” I’ve missed it, the joy and camaraderie.  It was time to get back on the mound! “

Hamel 80s went 6-0 in a Columbus Ohio slow pitch World Championship tournament, August 6-9, 2018 with a dozen quality teams in the 80-85 age group from across the nation, from New York to Florida to Texas, Calif, Kansas, Illinois, Michigan, Minnesota, Pennsylvania.  I re-joined a team that i played for five years ago at 77. Now at 82, I decided to get back on the pitcher’s mound with a great group of guys!  I pitched two games and played first base. Our Coach and Manager, Al Hunter pitched (and won) the other four games!  

To paraphrase legendary baseball great, Satchel Paige, “Never look back, somebody may be gaining on you!”

Yes, a great quote from the legendary and incomparable baseball pitcher Satchel Paige who was a star in the old Negro baseball leagues and who would have broken just about any pitching record in Major League baseball history had he been allowed to pitch in the big leagues when he was a young man in his prime.  

Before the great Jackie Robinson integrated baseball Satchel had many teammates, who would also have been Major League baseball stars. 

I’ve played at different age levels, forever it seems to my dear wife, but I hung up the cleats at 77.  Now, at 82, it was a great feeling to play ball again!

A little background:  the Hamel family currently sponsors at least eight teams, ages 50s to 80s.

Talking with other managers and coaches I’ve learned that a number of folks set up Foundations, so they can do what they want with their hard earned assets, protecting their after tax assets from the estate (death) tax. 

So many of our highly paid pro athletes do the same and who can blame them.

I salute the Hamel family for sharing their assets with so many, playing sports we all love! 

To quote Randy Moses, General Manager of Hamel Senior Softball, “wishing the best of luck to all of our eight (8) senior softball teams and be proud of what we have accomplished thus far in 2018.  Just so you’ll know, Ed and Jack are BIG FANS. 

Safe travels and play well.”


Randy Moses


Hamel Senior Softball