In Your Corner - On Financial Matters

60Plus Association is adding a new segment to its 501c3 platform,  In your corner - On Financial Matters,  to increase impact, functionality and better serve our Senior audience.

This effort will be an impartial information and education resource focused on financial, investment, lifestyle issues that most impact our lives.  Our quality content will be presented online as well as at conference events, forums, other venues.

Every day, 10,000 people turn 65 years old. This demographic —facing its own challenges and opportunities--will outnumber children by 2035 for the first time in U.S history.

The need for clear and effective educational outlets has never been more vital.

We are dedicated to becoming a trusted source of valuable retirement policy updates and financial content with practical solutions that reflect a strong conservative, problem solving philosophy.

Our areas of focus will include:

  • Lack of savings preparation for retirement: A range of experts will share ways to address these shortfalls.
  • Entitlement crisis: Social Security and Medicare insolvency is drawing closer. Practical solutions explained by seasoned investment, policy pros.
  • Investment, Financial Planning, Retirement insights: Ideas delivered with more clarity.
  • Elder Fraud and Abuse: We outline this increasing problem and which will remain an urgent agenda for 60 PLUS
  • Stories from our community including an advice column -  Building an interactive engagement with our community
  • Health Care —Profiling innovations in medical treatments & costs, caregiver & clinical trial information
  • Lifestyle Topics - Offering a wide range of creative ideas on productive planning for the next stage of our precious lives
  • Retirement abroad — Highlighting the best places around the world for an inexpensive & new international life in retirement.
Clara Del Villar

Clara Del Villar

Ms. Del Villar has a 28-year Financial Industry career as well as entrepreneurial roles in energy, health technology and digital media industries. She was Founder, CEO of The Hispanic Post, an online news site profiling U.S. Hispanic business community; Senior Portfolio Manager and VP in Private Asset Management at Neuberger Berman; VP, Compliance & Ethics at Nortel Networks; Former SVP, Nomura Securities Capital Markets. Founder of InEnergy, Managing Director at the Energy & Environmental Research Center (EERC). Currently on Board of Directors and Audit Committee of General American Investors Co.and on the Executive Committee of Weill Cornell Women's Health Symposium in NY. A member of American Alpine Club - trekked to Everest Base Camp, 2017. Clara has a Foreign Service Degree from Georgetown University and lives in New York City.