IRS Scandal Demands Obamacare Repeal

Jim Martin: “Now that it is clear that the IRS operates with the ethics of the KGB, it is proven impossible for it to discharge its duties under Obamacare.”

(Alexandria, Virginia) — The 60 Plus Association, the nation’s largest conservative seniors organization and acknowledged alternative to the liberal AARP today called on Washington lawmakers to renew legislation for a full and complete repeal of Obamacare in the wake of the IRS scandal showing the powerful agency rife with political corruption.  The IRS is central to the implementation of Obamacare through its oversight over every individual American and business to adhere to the Obamacare mandate to purchase health insurance or face a tax penalty.

Said 60 Plus Chairman and Founder Jim Martin, “On top of all the other arguments and real-life examples showing that Obamacare is a disastrous train wreck, now we have the breathtaking abuse of power at the heart of the IRS, targeting political enemies in a way that should send a chill up the spine of every American.

“The IRS cannot be trusted, plain and simple.  They are a government bureaucracy run amok, without true oversight or accountability, fulfilling the petty political agendas of its bureaucrats and executives.  They have proven they cannot be trusted and have therefore forfeited the right to participate in any meaningful way in our healthcare choices.

“On behalf of the 7.2 million senior supporters of the 60 Plus Association and every American who works hard for a living and depends on the government to serve the people and not pursue political vendettas, we call on Congress and the President to pull the plug on IRS and their systematic corruption.  The only acceptable course of action is a full and complete repeal of the Obamacare legislation which allows the IRS to peek into every doctor’s examining room, and at every American’s health charts.”