Jim Martin has been in the fight to repeal the DEATH TAX for over 25 years

Jim Martin, founder of the 60 Plus Association, has been fighting for the repeal of the “Death Tax” for over 25 years.  Here is just a sample of what people are saying about Jim and his mission.


Jim (Martin) deserves particular credit for leading the movement to repeal the Death Tax.”

President George W. Bush

“Jim Martin came up with the idea of relabeling the estate tax as a “death tax.” Martin’s rhetoric was particularly brilliant as it made the tax seem especially cruel.”

Ramesh Ponnuru, National Review

“Jim Martin renamed the estate tax to try to kill it.”

Joshua Green, American Prospect Magazine

“Because of the work by 60 Plus, Sen. Kyl and Rep. Cox, everybody talking about tax reform includes abolishing the death tax.”

Grover Norquist, Head of Americans for Tax Reform

“Please thank your members at 60 Plus for building support for my bill to repeal the death tax.”

Former Rep. Chris Cox (R-CA)

“Small business leaders recognize how counterproductive this tax really is. That’s why they endorsed repeal of the death tax and why my bill is supported by 60 Plus.”

Former Sen. Jon Ky/ (R-AZ)

“One significant player in advancing the ‘Death Tax’ tag was Jim Martin, a longtime activist who founded 60 Plus.”

– Excerpt from Wealth and Our Commonwealth.

“One early and passionate toiler was Jim Martin, president of 60 Plus Association, a seniors’ organization dedicated to saving Social Security and killing the Death Tax.”

– Excerpt from Death by a Thousand Cuts, 2001 edition.

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