Jobless Americans Suffer as Obama Joins the 1%

(Tampa, Florida) – The following comments are excerpted from remarks by legendary entertainer and 60 Plus Association national spokesman Pat Boone at a breakfast hosted by 60 Plus to honor senior citizen delegates at the Republican National Convention in Tampa:

“On the constant bashing of Mitt Romney’s wealth and success in business, as if that were borderline criminal, and the President’s persistent demand that the ‘top 1% pay more taxes’, I offered this: ‘The President has become quite wealthy and joined the top 1% in just the last 4 years, since he became President . Amazing, isn’t it? It took Mitt Romney 25 years of hard work, risk and tremendous skill. As one of his rewards, he and the rest of the 1%… now including Obama himself…get to pay 40% of all taxes already! Reminds me of the old ‘pot calling the kettle black’ analogy.

“I heard one talk show host proclaiming that he just couldn’t support Romney because he was rich and successful, and therefore couldn’t identify with the ordinary working Joe. Plus he didn’t have an outgoing, garrulous personality that he could like.  So I countered with ‘Let’s assume tonight you experience sharp, crunching chest pains. You know you need a heart specialist. Will you call a ‘nice guy’ with an enjoyable personality…or would you rather see a real specialist, regardless of his likeability, one whose patients usually go on living?”