Kagen’s Record Highlighted in New 60 Plus Ad

GREEN BAY, WISC. – The 60 Plus Association, nationally recognized as the conservative alternative to the liberal AARP, today launched a new television ad that puts a spotlight on Rep. Steve Kagen’s record.

“Seniors don’t understand why Rep. Kagen would vote for a health care bill that hurts Wisconsin seniors,” said Jim Martin, Chairman of 60 Plus.  “ObamaCare cut $500 billion from Medicare, forced many seniors to shift into a one-size-fits-all system they don’t want, and diminished the quality of care for America’s Greatest Generation.  Seniors are already feeling the burden of health care reform, as one Medicare Advantage program has already been canceled, leaving 22,000 seniors citizens to seek a new coverage option.  Rep. Kagen voted against seniors; now, they are voting against him.”

This is the second in a series of ads in Wisconsin’s 8th Congressional District that 60 Plus has released.  A full transcript of the television ad can be found below or a video of the ad can be found by clicking here .


We warned Steve Kagen not to do it… Not to vote for a big government health care bill… One that costs a trillion dollars… Raises taxes… And cuts $500 billion from Medicare… But Steve Kagen sided with Nancy Pelosi – and did it anyway.  We may never know why Kagen supported Pelosi over our seniors… But this November, when you vote against Steve Kagen – he’ll know exactly the reason why.

60 Plus Association is responsible for the content of this advertising.


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