Leading Seniors Association Supports Commission to Protect Voters

Statement by 60 Plus Association Chairman Jim Martin

Alexandria, VA (May 12, 2017) – “Senior citizens are among the most vulnerable populations in our nation, constantly targeted by fraudsters and those seeking to exploit them. Voter fraud is one of the issues where we see this election after election especially in areas with highly concentrated senior populations like Texas and Florida. Seniors are specifically at high risk for absentee ballot fraud with elderly voters sometimes showing up to the polls only to be told that they already cast their ballots.

“Voter fraud isn’t a partisan issue. The right to vote is a fundamental one and one that 60 Plus Association is proud to fight for. We thank President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence for this new initiative to tackle this old problem.”

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The 60 Plus Association is a 25-year-old nonpartisan organization working for death tax repeal, saving Social Security and Medicare, affordable prescription drugs, lowering energy costs and other issues featuring a less government, less taxes approach as well as a strict adherence to the Constitution.  60 Plus calls on support from over 7 million activists.  60 Plus has been called, “an increasingly influential senior citizen’s group,” and recognized as the alternative to the AARP.

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