Martin Backs Pruitt in Fight Against “Radical Environmental Policy”

Seniors should not underwrite the left’s “false environmental utopia”

ALEXANDRIA, Virginia (June 21, 2018) – 60 Plus Association Founder and Chairman James Martin Thursday issued the following statement in defense of Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Scott Pruitt:

“Nobody serving in the Trump administration has been more maligned, threatened and personally smeared than Scott Pruitt.

“If Senator Jim Inhofe gives Scott his unqualified endorsement that’s good enough for me. Senator Inhofe’s integrity is beyond reproach. Believe me, if they could, the left would have taken him down long ago, so they turn on an Inhofe ally, Scott Pruitt. An avid baseball fan, Scott often invokes a famous Yogi Berra admonition: ‘It ain’t over till it’s over!’ So hang tough Scott. You’re being raked over the coals by experts.

“In fact Scott and his family have been subjected to repeated death threats and other threats of violence from unhinged radicals ever since taking up his post at the EPA. The reason he is such a lightning rod is because he does not support the evangelical environmental extremism that underpins much of the statist agenda of the left.

“Democrats in Congress and progressive militants want Scott Pruitt’s head on a pike for one simple reason. It is because he is taking action to undo the tremendous harm done through previous radical environmental policies that have made energy more expensive and less reliable for all Americans, particularly senior citizens who live on a fixed income and cannot afford to underwrite the false environmental utopia promoted by the left.

“The outrageous lies and falsehoods leveled against Scott Pruitt are a byproduct of the left’s disdain for common sense policies that help keep America great while providing responsible stewardship of our air, water and land. I am proud to stand with Scott Pruitt and defend him against these false and scurrilous attacks on his character,” Martin concluded.