Mobs vs Jobs?!?

Today’s Democrats: Democrats organized the anti-Kavanaugh mobs and now the illegal immigrant caravans to cause havoc on America’s streets. Why would anyone vote to empower this kind of activity?

Today’s Democratic Party is apparent run by the far left, unhinged “resist” movement that advocates violence, disrespect, public discord and chaos at virtually any cost.

Democrats support open borders? And who exactly is going to pay for that when we are running huge deficits today? Illegals get better benefits in some states and cities than local residents, veterans and citizens??? All of this to buy off potential voters?

Your local Democratic candidate maybe OK, but voting for them is empowering and giving credence to their uncivil looney left wing activist who are a big part of the great divide in America.

There should be NO excuses and NO rewarding those advocating and encouraging violence of any kind. There is no place for that kind of “protest” in a civil society.

Think twice before you vote.

Mobs vs Jobs?!?

Caravan Invasion: This caravan of illegal immigrants is an invasion of our country. The President should call up the Army Corp of Engineers and build the wall NOW!!!

Those helping fund and organize this invasion should be charged with treason. This is an unacceptable violation of our sovereignty.

This is an attack against our country and everything it stands for. The President should do whatever it takes to defend our country.

Election Night Party: Looking for a fun place to spend election night with food and drinks throughout the night…I’ll be at the National Press Club with folks from around the world. Check it out.

Facebook Censoring Free Speech: I’m not a big fan of this. Facebook called the removal of 559 political pages an action against “spam” but released no proof and refused to list the pages. Check out the article below.

-Saul Anuzis

Trump could be the most honest president in modern history

Donald Trump may be remembered as the most honest president in modern American history. Don’t get me wrong, Trump lies all the time. He said that he “enacted the biggest tax cuts and reforms in American history” (actually they are the eighth largest) and that “our economy is the strongest it’s ever been in the history of our country” (which may one day be true, but not yet). In part, it’s a New York thing — everything is the biggest and the best.

But when it comes to the real barometer of presidential truthfulness — keeping his promises — Trump is a paragon of honesty. For better or worse, since taking office Trump has done exactly what he promised he would.

Trump kept his promise to move the U.S. Embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, something his three immediate predecessors also promised yet failed to do. He promised to “crush and destroy ISIS,” and two years later he is on the verge of eliminating the Islamic State’s physical caliphate. He promised to impose a travel ban on countries that he saw as posing a terrorist threat, and after several false starts the final version of his ban was upheld by the Supreme Court. He promised to punish Syria if it used chemical weapons on its people, and, unlike his immediate predecessor, he followed through — not once but twice.

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Could Trump Win 20% Of The African-American Vote In 2020?

The provocative Donald Trump certainly seems to be disliked by a majority of African-American professional athletes, cable news hosts, academics and the Black Congressional caucus. Yet there are subtle but increasing indications that his approval among other African-Americans may be reaching historic highs for a modern Republican president.
Some polls have indicated that Trump’s approval rating among black voters is close to 20%. That is far higher than the 8% of the African-American vote that Trump received on Election Day 2016.
A recent, admittedly controversial Rasmussen Reports poll showed African-American approval of Trump at 36%.

Even 20% African-American support for Trump would all but dismantle Democratic Party presidential hopes for 2020. Hillary Clinton lost the 2016 election with 88% of the black vote. That was about a six-point falloff from Barack Obama’s share of the black vote in 2012.

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McConnell’s laser focus on transforming the judiciary

A handful of Republican senators did something unusual on Wednesday: With the Senate not even in session, and no Democrats in sight, they convened the Judiciary Committee to advance a half-dozen of Donald Trump’s judicial nominees.

For Republicans, there’s nothing that matters more. They aren’t pitching a big visionary agenda to persuade voters to return them to power next year — there’s only passing mention in the midterms of repealing Obamacare, and little talk of making Trump’s border wall a reality. It’s all about the judiciary.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has given every indication that his primary focus — through Election Day and, assuming Republicans still control the Senate, in the two years to follow, will be the ongoing reshaping of the courts.

“I love the tax bill and a lot of the other things we did. But I think lifetime appointments — not only to the Supreme Court but to the circuit courts — are the way you have the longest lasting impact on the country,” McConnell said in an interview this month. “The president and his team have sent up, in my view, excellent judges, and we’ve had the unity we’ve needed … to get them confirmed.”

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Ronna McDaniel agrees to stay on as head of RNC through 2020 election

Ronna McDaniel, the chair of the Republican National Committee, accepted an offer by President Donald Trump to stay in her role through the 2020 election, a source tells CNN.

Trump asked McDaniel last week to serve another term, officials told CNN. He told aides he wants a woman to lead the GOP into his re-election year with the party trying to combat a gender gap and win over women voters. He also likes her leadership of the committee and fundraising efforts.

McDaniel has overseen a fundraising boom for Republicans. Earlier this year, the committee eclipsed the $200 million mark in money raised, the fastest the RNC has ever reached that milestone in a midterm year.

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Cost of 2018 election surpasses $3.9 billion, a midterm record

The 2018 elections are already the costliest midterms ever.

The total amount of money raised for the 2018 midterms has reached $3.96 billion, according to data from the Center For Responsive Politics. With weeks to go before election day, that number surpasses the $3.84 billion spent during the entirety of the 2014 midterms.

The number will continue to rise, as it does not include the vast majority of third-quarter fundraising figures that must be filed with the Federal Election Commission by the end of the day on Oct. 15. The total figure includes funds raised by candidates, political parties, political action committees and other groups, and expenditures from outside groups, for the purpose of the 2018 elections.

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Poverty in the U.S. Was Plummeting—Until Lyndon Johnson Declared War On It

One of the more elementary observations about economics is that a nation’s prosperity is determined in part by the quantity and quality of labor and capital. These “factors of production” are combined to generate national income.

I frequently grouse that punitive tax policies discourage capital. There’s less incentive to invest, after all, if the government imposes extra layers of tax on income that is saved and invested.

Bad tax laws also discourage labor. High marginal tax rates penalize people for being productive, and this can be especially counterproductive for entrepreneurship and innovation.

Still, we shouldn’t overlook how government discourages low-income people from being productively employed. But the problem is more on the spending side of the fiscal equation.

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Media Bias??? 6 Political Scandals The Press Doesn’t Want You To Know About

Media Bias: When the mainstream press isn’t busy putting out negative and often false or misleading stories about President Donald Trump, they’re equally busy burying scandals that involve Democrats. The Media Research Center recently documented this flagrant bias by omission.

David Burge, who runs the popular Iowahawk blog, once observed that “Journalism is about covering important stories. With a pillow, until they stop moving.”

That is certainly true when it comes to scandals involving prominent Democrats.

The Media Research Center recently tracked coverage on the big three network news programs — including the nightly, morning and Sunday news programs on NBC, CBS and ABC — to see how much coverage they devoted to six scandals involving Democrats in the run-up to the midterm elections.

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Senator Elizabeth Warren’s Family Tree: It just doesn’t get any better than this:)

The Cherokee Nation’s secretary of state, Chuck Hoskin Jr., released the following statement in response to the DNA test showing Sen. Elizabeth Warren is between 1/64th and 1/1,024th Native American:

“A DNA test is useless to determine tribal citizenship. Current DNA tests do not even distinguish whether a person’s ancestors were indigenous to North or South America. Sovereign tribal nations set their own legal requirements for citizenship, and while DNA tests can be used to determine lineage, such as paternity to an individual, it is not evidence for tribal affiliation. Using a DNA test to lay claim to any connection to the Cherokee Nation or any tribal nation, even vaguely, is inappropriate and wrong. It makes a mockery out of DNA tests and its legitimate uses while also dishonoring legitimate tribal governments and their citizens, whose ancestors are well documented and whose heritage is proven. Senator Warren is undermining tribal interests with her continued claims of tribal heritage.”


The End of Scandinavian Non-Alignment

Massive NATO exercises in Norway this fall will include forces from two key non-NATO countries: Sweden and Finland. With no time to waste, Scandinavia is finally breaking fully with the Cold-War era doctrine of neutrality, and embracing a more prudent and proactive defense policy.

STOCKHOLM – Having debarked from ports in western Sweden, military convoys from various NATO countries are crowding Swedish streets and prompting the police to issue traffic warnings. They are on their way to Norway, where some 50,000 soldiers, airmen, and seamen will come together for NATO’s largest military exercise in years. The operation – “Trident Juncture” – has a clear goal: to demonstrate the alliance’s ability to defend Norway against a foreign aggressor.

There is no need to name the potential aggressor. Obviously, it is not Sweden or Finland, both of which have contributed soldiers to the exercise. During the Cold War, Finland did occasionally come under Soviet pressure as the Kremlin sought to expand its room for maneuver. But it always remained firm in its commitment to defend its Nordic and Western identity.

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Facebook Just Silenced Political Speech in America. And No One Seems To Care.

Facebook called the removal of 559 political pages an action against “spam” but released no proof and refused to list the pages.

“Many were using fake accounts or multiple accounts with the same names and posted massive amounts of content across a network of Groups and Pages to drive traffic to their websites. Many used the same techniques to make their content appear more popular on Facebook than it really was,” wrote Nathaniel Gleicher, Facebook’s head of cybersecurity policy, and product manager Oscar Rodriguez.
Facebook’s pre-midterm purge included pages and accounts that Facebook described as “ad farms” that used the platform to earn money and “to mislead others about who they are, and what they are doing,” rather than engage in “legitimate political debate.”

It appears that Facebook had strategically briefed The New York Times and The Washington Post ahead of the removals, given that within minutes of Facebook’s announcement, both papers published lengthy pieces describing the purge that included screenshots of the pages, something that could only have been obtained before the pages were removed.

After the purge, Facebook provided media outlets with only the same few examples: The Resistance, Reasonable People Unite, Reverb Press, Nation in Distress and Snowflakes. Four of these pages were liberal, while one was conservative. When asked for a complete list of pages, Facebook has repeatedly refused to release it. Even knowing the names of these five pages, journalists visiting the page are greeted with a message “Sorry, content isn’t available right now,” with no ability to see the page, previously posted content or examples of alleged “spam” actions.

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Midterm Meddling: Democrats Surge on Facebook After Algorithm Changes

Democrat candidates for the Senate and House are vastly outpacing their Republican opponents on Facebook and Facebook-owned Instagram, according to analysis by the New York Times — although it’s impossible to say how much of their upsurge is the result of mass-bans and algorithm changes on the part of Facebook.

The analysis shows a 7.8 million advantage in Facebook interactions for Democrat Senate candidates vs. Republican Senate candidates in a 30-day period ending October 15, and a 2 million advantage in interactions for Democrats fighting House races over the same period.
Only in gubernatorial races do Republicans hold a slight advantage in Facebook interactions — of just 100,000.

Democrats also hold a significant advantage on Instagram, with Democratic candidates seeing 5.4 million interactions on their Instagram pages over the thirty-day period, compared to just 213,000 for Republicans.

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