New Report Shows EPA Regulations Will Raise Electricity Rates For Florida Seniors

State Senator Greg Evers, State Representative Doug Broxson, State Representative Mike Hill and 60 Plus’ Amy Frederick discussed the harmful impact of proposed EPA regulations on seniors’ energy bills

Pensacola, FL – 
The 60 Plus Association unveiled a new report today that found President Obama’s newly proposed EPA regulations would disproportionately impact Florida’s seniors. State Senator Greg Evers, State Representative Doug Broxson and State Representative Mike Hill joined Amy Noone Frederick, President of the 60 Plus Association, Eugene Trisko, author of report, and senior citizen activists to discuss the report’s findings at the Old Escambia County Courthouse. The report revealed that EPA regulations will increase the price of electricity across Florida, causing an undue burden on the state’s seniors.

“We were honored to be joined by State Senator Greg Evers, State Representative Doug Broxson and State Representative Mike Hill to discuss the negative impact current and pending EPA regulations will have on Florida’s seniors. President Obama and the EPA are championing energy policies that will disproportionately affect Florida’s seniors and do little to improve the environment,” said Amy Noone Frederick.

“We in Florida do not need the federal government to push their political agenda at the cost of harming our families and specifically seniors. We have an obligation to protect seniors and Florida’s neediest from the cost of out of control government and these EPA regulations are just that: a government out of control. I am proud to stand with 60 Plus Association today in fighting for seniors and those most vulnerable,” said State Senator Greg Evers.

“Florida has proven that less government and less regulation creates a better environment for business and a better quality of life for our citizens. Unfortunately, the Obama Administration has mandated burdensome federal regulations on our energy industry that will result in rate increases which will be particularly difficult for our seniors on fixed incomes to manage,” said State Representative Doug Broxson.

“Florida cannot afford this push by the Federal Government to meet an arbitrary standard. Onerous regulations on energy pushes costs on to those who can least afford it, disproportionately affecting our seniors,” said State Representative Mike Hill.

“As many seniors are already forced to choose between food, heat or medicine, the President’s newly proposed EPA regulations will only cause further financial strain on seniors. Energy, like food and housing, is an indispensable necessity of life and the President should work to alleviate seniors’ financial burden, not make it worse,” added Frederick.

Key Findings From Report:

  • The EPA’s proposed regulations could raise the price of electricity in Florida by more than 12%.
  • Florida has 2.1 million households aged 65 or older, with 65% of those households earning gross annual incomes less than $50,000.
  • The Clean Power Plan will cause Florida to gain a greater dependence on natural gas as its main source of electricity, causing prices to increase for Florida’s seniors.
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